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Concord, N.H. — Acting United States Attorney John J. Farley announced that Mohammed Abdul Baten, 65, of Brooklyn, New York, pleaded guilty today to aiding and abetting visa fraud.

According to court records and statements in court, the case arose out an investigation into falsely notarized documents used to obtain visas. Specifically, when a legal immigrant seeks to petition to have other alien relatives admitted into the country, the National Visa Center (“NVC”) requires that the petitioner demonstrate a sufficient income level to support the relatives upon their arrival. This process is intended to ensure that the new immigrants will not become public charges after they enter the country. If the petitioner does not have enough income, he or she may submit paperwork in which another person, i.e. the “joint sponsor,” agrees to provide financial support for the new arrivals. The joint sponsor also is required to document his or her own income and assets to ensure sufficient resources will be available. The joint sponsor is required to complete an I-864 form under penalties of perjury.

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