The TIP Office intends to announce its 2020 Funding Opportunity for the annual awards competition process in the upcoming weeks. The TIP Office is finalizing language for the annual awards competition process that includes a number of regional and thematic priorities for funding globally. Recognizing the hard work and effort that is involved in developing applications for funding, the TIP Office is notifying organizations that may be interested in submitting applications that a funding opportunity will be posted in the upcoming weeks. Organizations eligible to apply for this funding opportunity include U.S.-based and foreign non-profits, public international organizations, institutions of higher learning, and for-profit organizations. The 2020 TIP Office Funding Opportunity will be posted on and the TIP Office website. Organizations interested in applying for funding may consider reviewing the information on the TIP Office’s Annual Awards Competition Process in preparation for the funding opportunity. Please note, this is a notice of intent only; an announcement will be made in the upcoming weeks when the 2020 Funding Opportunity is posted. We are not accepting applications at this time.

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