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School Contact Information

  • Tel: +389-2-306-1807

  • E-mail: | Website: 

  • This Fact Sheet is intended to provide general information. For more information, contact A/OPR/OS ( / +1-202-261-8200) or the school directly.

    The Regional Education Officer for this school is Mary Russman.

Logo for Nova

NOVA International School is an independent, coeducational day school that offers an educational program from pre-kindergarten (three-year-olds) through grade 12. The school was founded in 1997, and the purpose-built campus is situated in a residential neighborhood near the city center. The school year is divided into two semesters and extends from late August to mid-June. During the year, students have a one-week fall break (October), a three-week winter break, a shorter (February) break, and a one-week spring break (April).

Organization: The school is advised by a nine-member school board (the U.S. Ambassador appoints two members.) The leadership includes the school’s founder, Director, division principals, Business Manager, and HR Manager. The school is also supported by a security team, facilities and ICT department, business and accounting office, administrative and admission office, and five counselors. NOVA International School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS); authorized for the MYP and DP by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and looking to become an IB World continuum school with this year’s PYP authorization. It is also part of the College Board (TOEFL/SAT testing services), accredited by the Macedonian Ministry of Education, and a full member of the Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA).

Curriculum: The Early Education Center and the Elementary division offer the IB’s Primary Years Program (PYP). The PYP is an inquiry-based educational framework that is focused on developing the whole child, recognizing the importance of the academic, social, emotional, cultural, and physical development of children. Pre-kindergarten (three and four-year-olds) curriculum is a play-based curriculum learning environment. Our PK4 students also experience learning that prepares them for the next stage, Kindergarten. The elementary school uses the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) standards, aligned with the U.S. Common Core state standards for literacy and numeracy. It also uses the AERO standards for Science, Social Studies and World Languages. Specialty classes, such as Art, Music, Dance, and Physical Education, are included for students in grades K to 5. Macedonian language classes in grades K-5 are offered to local and international students. The secondary school offers the IB Middle Years (MYP) and Diploma (DP) Programs. Foreign languages (French, German, Spanish, and Italian), along with Macedonian language classes, are part of the curriculum for grades 6-12. The school uses Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and the PSAT 8/9/10/11 to benchmark academic achievement and growth. The Center for Differentiated Learning (CDL) offers support for classroom integration of children with IEPs and pull-out interventions tailored to their specific needs. After-school activities are provided to all grades in sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, cross-country, swimming), arts (drama, band, choir, ballet, hip hop), languages, math, science, robotics, knowledge bowl, and speech/debate. The school is home to SuperNOVA athletics; grades 6-12 participate in CEESA events and sports. Most NOVA graduates matriculate to higher education institutions in EU countries, the U.S., and Asia/Australia.

Faculty: In the 2022-2023 school year, NOVA has 202 total staff including 118 teachers, 10 of whom are U.S. citizens, 74 host-country nationals, and 34 third-country nationals from the UK, France, Peru, Canada, Serbia, and Turkey. All teaching faculty maintain a teaching certificate and/or credential.

Enrollment: At the start of the 2022-2023 school year, student enrollment is 783 students including 54 U.S. citizens, 431 host-country nationals, and 298 third-country nationals. PreK-grade 5: 252; grades 6-8: 160; and grades 9-12: 371 and 40+ nationalities represented.

Facilities: The school campus is composed of purpose-built buildings dedicated to an early education center, elementary, lower secondary, and upper secondary school. A sky bridge now connects the elementary and secondary school buildings. To improve the mobility of our students, faculty, and staff, the school has recently installed a panoramic elevator. Additionally, the school campus has expanded and includes separate buildings for student support services, administration offices as well as a separate building for the business office. Furthermore, the latest campus expansion includes the addition of new green spaces. The outdoor spaces include three gated playgrounds, a small soccer field, a basketball court, and a large outdoor amphitheater. The entire campus offers wireless connectivity. There are five science labs, three art rooms, two libraries, two full-service cafeterias with the third one under construction, two indoor amphitheaters, two music studios, two dance studios, a drama room, an elementary gym, and a design studio. The school uses an adjacent sports and recreational center for its physical education classes, bigger events, and competitions. The school uses university science facilities for advanced lab work.

Finances: Annual tuition rates for the 2022-2023 school year are: PK3–PK4: €4,150; grades K-5: €12,000; grades 6-8: €12,100, grades 9-10: €13,000; grades 11-12: €13,050. The school charges an enrollment fee of €450 applicable to those entering grades 1-12 and a capital fee of €350 applicable to grades 1-12. The school also charges an application fee of €100 and a nonrefundable deposit of €1,000 (deducted from tuition). The following fees are optional: hot meal €480/semester, and bus transportation €750/semester. (Fees quoted in euros and payable in U.S. dollars.)

Special Needs: Download the Special Needs Profile (2023 Special Needs Profile- North Macedonia, Skopje- NOVA) for this school to learn more about their capability to support students with exceptionalities.

This Fact Sheet is intended to provide general information. Prospective users of the schools may wish to inquire further of A/OPR/OS or contact the school directly for more specific and up-to-the-minute information. Information and statistics are current as of September 2022 and provided by the school.

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