2019-2021 Group Members

Christian Agulles

Christian Bailey

Chris Banks

Chuck Bohn

H. Alan Brangman

James Burnett

Greg Cannito

Michael J. Chonko

Patrick Crosby

Susannah Drake

Maureen Ehrenberg

Jeanne Gang

Gunny Harboe

Nico Kienzl

Debra Lehman Smith

Jonathan Marvel

Stephen Mulva

Judith Nitsch

Michael L. Norton

Nat Oppenheimer

Mark Robbins

Carol Ross Barney

Craig Schwitter

Frank Sciame

Barry Scribner

Dan Sesil

Julie Snow

Robert J. Svedberg

Ty Troutman

Marion Weiss

Claire Weisz

Sarah Whiting

Richard Wood

IAG Membership

IAG members lend their expertise to the U.S. government while working alongside the best in industry. To submit a candidate to be considered for this unique opportunity, please email OBO’s Office of External Affairs. While membership is only open at select times, OBO accepts nominations throughout the year.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future