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For all COVID-19 related resources, please visit the Department of State’s Coronavirus page at and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) page at .

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Foreign Missions

The purpose of this page is to provide a consolidated repository of information, guidance, and resources associated with the impact of COVID-19 on the operations of foreign missions and their members in the United States.  It is critically important that all foreign missions transmit all questions or requests concerning this matter to

COVID-19 Circular Notes and Notices

01/15/22: Notice: DC COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

01/13/22: Diplomatic Note 22-70: UPDATED Guidance on Foreign Diplomatic Meetings COVID-19

12/08/21: Diplomatic Note 21-2102: Updated CDC International Travel Guidance

11/29/21: Diplomatic Note 21-2070: Omicron Travel Restrictions

11/05/21: Diplomatic Note 21-1982: COVID-19 Vaccine Travel Updates

09/24/21: Diplomatic Note 21-1736: Foreign Mission Vaccination Information Update

05/04/21: Diplomatic Note 21-680: COVID-19 India Proclamation

04/20/21: Notice: COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Update

02/12/21: Diplomatic Note 21-212: Foreign Diplomatic Meetings – COVID-19 Temporary Restrictions

02/08/21: USUN Note HS-06-21: Foreign Mission Vaccination Information

02/05/21: Notice: Foreign Mission Vaccination Information

02/04/21: OAS Note 06-B: Foreign Mission Vaccination Information

02/04/21: Diplomatic Note 21-161: Foreign Mission Vaccination Information

01/27/21: Diplomatic Note 21-131: Presidential Proclamation January 25 – COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

01/27/21: Diplomatic Note 21-129: 100 Day Mask Challenge

01/25/21: Diplomatic Note 21-89: CDC International Travel Guidance

01/07/21: Diplomatic Note 21-31: CDC UK to US Travel Guidance

12/02/20: Notice: OFM New York Operations Update During COVID-19

09/14/20: Diplomatic Note 20-1341: Update CDC COVID-19 Travel Guidance

06/23/20: Diplomatic Note 20-906: Update to OFM Operational Changes Due To COVID-19

05/27/20: Diplomatic Note 20-820: COVID-19 Brazil Proclamation

04/09/20Letter from Ambassador Akard Regarding COVID-19

03/23/20: Letter from Ambassador Akard Regarding Efforts to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

03/17/20: OAS Note 05-B: COVID-19 Iran Proclamation

03/17/20: OAS Note 04-B: COVID-19 Schengen Area, Ireland and UK Proclamation

03/17/20: Notice: COVID-19 Iran, Schengen Area, Ireland and UK Proclamation

03/17/20: Diplomatic Note 20-519: COVID-19 Schengen Area, Ireland and UK Proclamation

03/17/20: Diplomatic Note 20-509: COVID-19 Iran Proclamation

02/03/20: Diplomatic Note 20-162: Coronavirus Quarantine Guidance

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