Property Regulations & References

The laws, regulations, and relevant documents governing the location, replacement, alteration or expansion of foreign mission and international organization facilities are:
  • The Foreign Missions Act, Title II of Public Law 97-241 approved August 24, 1982 96 Stat 282
  • Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
  • District of Columbia Building Regulations
  • District of Columbia Zoning Regulations
  • District of Columbia Building and Mechanical Codes
  • District of Columbia Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978, DC Law 2-144
  • Height of Building Act of 1910, 36 Stat 452; DC Code, Sec 5-401 et seq.
  • The Foreign Missions and International Organizations Element of the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital
  • The Old Georgetown Act, Public Law 81-808
  • The Shipstead-Luce Act, Public Law 71-231 and Public Law 76-248