Directions for Completing OFM Tax & Customs Forms

March 6, 2009



To better serve the diplomatic community, OFM has now provided the customs form (DS-1504) for you to fill out online.  Please click on the form, complete the application electronically, print and sign, and send it to OFM (with appropriate attachments) either by embassy messenger or express mail to:  


Office of Foreign Missions

3507 International Place, NW

Washington, DC  20522-3303


The directions for using these forms are below. By providing these forms on-line for you, we hope to simplify your administrative responsibilities and accelerate this process.  If you have any questions please call 202-895-3540.



1.     DS-1504 Request for Custom Clearance of Merchandise


a)      Please type in the requested information in the designated fields.

b)      PRINT: When the form is completed, please print out 6 copies, five for submission to OFM and one for your records.

c)      SIGN: Sign and apply the Embassy or consulate seal to five copies of the application.

d)     SUBMIT: Forward the five signed and sealed copies of the DS 1504 to OFM.  To begin, click here.

Complete instructions for filling out the DS-1504 can be found in Circular Note 02-281

2.     New York State DTF-950 for Sales Tax Exemption


In order to receive sales tax exemption for purchases made in New York State, all eligible missions and mission personnel must complete and submit to New York State vendors form DTF-950 ("Certificate Of Sales Tax Exemption For Diplomatic Missions And Personnel") for all point of sale transactions, including the purchase of utility services. 


      This procedure is not limited to those based in New York State, but applicable to any mission or individual making purchases from vendors in New York State. To obtain copies of the DTF-950, click here.