Moving Violations

Moving Violations, Driving Records, and the Point System

OFM maintains driving records on everyone possessing a State Department driver license and has a point system to record moving traffic violations. Everyone receiving a traffic ticket which carries a fine is expected to either pay the fine or contest the ticket. If a ticket is contested, a court appearance is required. The Department requests applicable immunities be waived by the sending government so the mission member may appear in court to contest the ticket. An express waiver of immunity must be granted before this can happen.

An accumulation of eight Eight points on a driving record in a two year period will cause a review and possible administrative action. A twelve point accumulation within a two year period will cause all license and driving privileges to be suspended. Habitual violation of traffic laws will result in the suspension or revocation of driving privileges. If necessary, the The U.S. can will request the recall of any person who demonstrates a serious disregard for U.S. law or public safety.