e-Gov Training Resources (effective August 15, 2016)
ACCREDITATION: Domestic Worker Pre-Notification
ACCREDITATION: ID Card Replacement
ACCREDITATION: Notification of Appointment
ACCREDITATION: Notification of Change
ACCREDITATION: Notification of Termination
TAX: Gasoline Tax Exemption Request
TAX: Sales Tax Exemption Card Request
TAX: Utility Tax Exemption Request

Information for Law Enforcement
Consular Notification and Access Information
08/17/18  Diplomatic and Consular Immunity: Guidance for Law Enforcement and Judicial Authorities
08/17/18  The Diplomatic Beat
11/29/17  Local Law Enforcement and Foreign Mission Personnel in the United States
07/01/17  Diplomatic/Consular Privileges & Immunities From Criminal Jurisdiction: Key Aspects Summary
05/15/17  White Paper - Updated Driver's License Format May 2017
01/13/15  "E" License Plates - Information Flyer for Law Enforcement
01/13/15  "E" License Plates - White Paper
01/13/15  AIT ID Cards - Information Flyer for Law Enforcement
01/13/15  AIT ID Cards - White Paper
01/13/15  AIT ID Cards - White Paper (5 ID)
05/26/11  Information Flyer for Law Enforcement
05/26/11  White Paper Detailing the Department of State's Newly Designed Driver's License
09/24/10  Diplomatic Note 10-181: Resolution of Motor Vehicle Law Violations
09/16/08  Old and New Diplomatic License Plates

Department of State Driver's Licenses and Diplomatic Tax Exemption Cards

Region-Specific Resources
OFM Headquarters: Washington, DC
OFM New York
OFM Chicago
OFM Miami
OFM Houston
OFM Los Angeles
OFM San Francisco

DHS - Website
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
U.S. Secret Service - Uniformed Division

US Laws & International Agreements
The Foreign Missions Act of 1982
International Organizations Immunities Act
Organization of American States Headquarters Agreement
United Nations Headquarters Agreement
The Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations