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About the Hometown Recruiters Special Initiative

The Hometown Recruiters special initiative is a pilot program to increase our outreach and recruitment of Interpreters and Liaisons (I/Ls) for the Office of Language Services (LS) freelance contractor roster. We continue to grow a robust roster of talented language and cultural professionals to support the needs of the U.S. Department of State and other federal agencies.

The first pilot is by invitation-only to contractors on our roster located in major metropolitan areas of the United States.

Who are Hometown Recruiters?

As a contractor with the Office of Language Services, you are an excellent resource for considering valuable additions to our Interpreter and Liaison (I/L) roster.

Hometown Recruiters will plan activities to speak with potential I/L candidates about being an I/L and guide interested prospects to the next step of the application process.

What are some hometown places to start exploring recruiting potential?

  • IVLP network Community-Based Members and their members
  • Local civic or community organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Courts
  • Colleges and universities
  • Places of worship
  • Companies
  • Refugee resettlement organizations
  • Media outlets
  • Diaspora groups
  • Underrepresented groups
  • IVLP alum who have immigrated to the United States

Where will Hometown Recruiters activities happen?

Hometown Recruiters will plan in-person recruiting activities targeting their local communities and networks. Activities could happen in homes, libraries, offices, parks, or anywhere conducive to conversation. Activities can include presentations, group discussions, one-on-one discussions, or other activities in which recruiters share their experience and information about the job with others.

If in-person activities are not possible, virtual activities are an option, with a focus on tapping your local communities. If you have quality candidates in your extended network, we welcome you to include them.

If there is an IVLP network Community-Based Member (CBM)  in your area, they may be able to offer support, space, and connections.

Is there funding for being a Hometown Recruiter?

Yes! Hometown Recruiters will receive compensation for their efforts.

What is the program timeline?

All recruiting activities will occur between July and the end of December 2023. All final reports must be submitted by December 31, 2023.

There was an info session on June 22, 2023. Email for a link to the recording.

Are there resources to assist? Explore the Hometown Recruiters Toolkit.

Yes! Download the Hometown Recruiters Toolkit.

The Hometown Recruiters Toolkit includes the following materials:


About the Hometown Recruiters Program

  • Hometown Recruiters Info Sheet (PDF, 1 page + accessible version)


For your potential Hometown Recruiter activities

  • Hometown Recruiters Presentation Template (PPT)


About the International Visitor Leadership Program

  • IVLP Info Sheet (PDF, 1 page + accessible version)
  • Article: The Economist, “The Real Ambassadors: America’s Amateur Diplomats,” July 2018. (PDF)
  • Article: The Foreign Service Journal, “Focus on the International Visitor Leadership Program,” December 2015. (PDF)
  • Article: State Magazine, “Experiencing America,” March 2013. (PDF)


About the International Visitor Liaison Role


About the Interpreter Role


About the Translator Role

  • LS Translation Brochure (PDF, 2 pages + accessible version)


Overall Web resources to share, guide, and direct recruits


Questions? contact

Ready with your Hometown Recruiters Activity Proposal?

Please note: Hometown Recruiter Activity Proposals can be submitted from July 1 to December 1, 2023. Proposals submitted closer to the December 1 deadline will be less likely to be approved, given the shorter time frame for approvals and completion. All activities must be completed with final reports submitted before December 31, 2023.

After you submit your Hometown Recruiter Activity Proposal, LS will review your proposal and be in touch via email.

Submit your Hometown Recruiters Activity Proposal  

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