Almost one year ago today, the Sudanese military overthrew the government of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, contravened Sudan’s Constitutional Declaration, and undermined the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people.

On this somber anniversary, we honor the Sudanese people who continue to demand freedom, peace, and justice under a democratic government and remember those who died while pursuing those goals.  The Sudanese people have shown themselves as unshakeable in their aspiration for a civilian-led government that shows respect for their dignity and is responsive to their needs. The continued willingness of Sudanese protestors, often in the face of violent suppression by security forces, to demonstrate in support of an end to military rule is deeply inspiring.  The United States welcomes inclusive initiatives to find an exit from Sudan’s political crisis that ends military rule and restores the country’s democratic transition.  We continue to support the UN, AU, and IGAD Tripartite Mechanism and urge all Sudanese actors to prioritize engaging constructively in dialogue.

Time is of the essence to reach agreement on a new transitional framework and a civilian-led government to carry forward Sudan’s democratic transition.  Achieving a new civilian-led government is the key that unlocks resumption of international assistance.  We stand ready to use all the tools at our disposal against those who seek to derail progress toward Sudan’s democratic transition.  As we did a year ago, we continue to reject military rule and stand with the people of Sudan in their demands for freedom, peace, and justice for all Sudanese.

U.S. Department of State

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