The U.S. government expresses its deep concern for the health and safety of Nicaraguan political prisoners’ family members who are under siege at the San Miguel Archangel Church in Masaya and on the eighth day of a hunger strike.  They are protesting the continuing detention of their relatives.  The Ortega regime has surrounded the church and denied them access to water and electricity.

The Ortega regime’s siege of a place of worship is unacceptable, as are the arrests of more than a dozen individuals who were attempting to aid the hunger strikers.  Arrests and fabricated charges against Nicaraguans seeking to aid hunger strikers demonstrate yet again that the Nicaraguan National Police are not the protectors of the Nicaraguan people.  They are their repressers, backing Daniel Ortega’s authoritarian rule.

We stand in solidarity with all Nicaragua’s political prisoners, as well as with those who sought to provide the hunger strikers with relief.  It is well past time for the Ortega regime to release the more than 130 political prisoners it continues to hold, contrary to its commitments under the national dialogue.  The United States stands ready to use all economic and diplomatic means at our disposal to support the Nicaraguan people’s calls for a restoration of democracy.


U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future