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The new U.S. Consulate General is situated on a 7.6-acre site in Matamoros. The multi-building campus includes a chancery, Marine Security Guard residence, support buildings and facilities for the Consulate General community. The campus provides a secure, modern, and environmentally sustainable platform for U.S. diplomacy in Matamoros.

Matamoros New Consulate General Facade
Matamoros New Consulate General Central Office
Matamoros New Consulate Campus, Elevation
Matamoros New Consulate General Entrance

Design & Construction

The building meets all Department standards for security and provides modern office space for the Consulate staff. Its design embraces traditional regional architecture. The signature element of the project is the latilla shade canopy. This open lattice canopy provides a significant amenity for consular visitors and enhances the building’s energy performance. The latilla provides an open, receptive, and welcoming edge to the campus. It defines functional outdoor rooms, provides shade for consular and diplomatic functions, and gives a sense of openness and permeability to the new facility.

The landscape design features extensive native plantings and stormwater management features inspired by the local Resaca waterways. An estimated 500 workers were involved in the construction of the new Consulate General.

Resiliency & Stewardship

The project is certified LEED Gold with the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification. The campus is designed to harvest and store rainwater to serve nearly all irrigation demands, reducing the demand on local potable water supply systems. Low flow plumbing fixtures are used to allow the buildings to consume 30-40% less water than a typical building built to U.S. building codes. The building is designed with energy-efficient lighting and mechanical systems with energy savings of 20-30% below a typical building built to U.S. building codes.


The art collection includes contemporary art in a variety of media including sculpture, painting, and photography utilizing American and host country artists.


Matamoros New Consulate Campus Monograph [24 MB]    |     Consulado General De Los Estados Unidos Matamoros, México [11 MB]

Fact Sheet

Matamoros New Consulate Campus Fact Sheet [513 KB]

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