The OCI program and ARSO-Is are global investigative resources for DSS domestic field offices and turn, U.S. law enforcement partners.

The Overseas Criminal Investigations (OCI)

The Overseas Criminal Investigations (OCI) supports DSS operations at more than 100 locations around the globe. Its assistant regional security officer investigator (ARSO-Is) investigate passport and visa fraud, assist in investigation crimes against U.S. citizens, and train and collaborate with foreign nation law enforcement and immigration authorities.

Liason Work

ARSO-is work with international and local law enforcement officials, immigration authorities, airline personnel, tourism officials and prosecutors. They focus on areas of mutual concern like transnational crime, terrorism, and other travel document-related crimes occurring in the foreign country.


Because of DSS’ global mission, ARSO-is can target document vendors, smugglers, and traffickers in their home countries, which has a greater impact on the overall mission to deter fraudulent practices and disrupt criminals’ and terrorists’ activities and mobility.


ARSO-is provide training for local partners on travel document security features, fraudulent document detection methods, impostor detection and suspect traveler profiles. As a result of ARSO-is’ training and guidance, foreign officials have disrupted human smuggling rings, interdicted foreign terrorist fighters, and captured high-profile fugitives.



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