Senior Bureau Officials

The Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs actively engages in public outreach and discussions with organizations, associations, and audiences interested in U.S. relations with the Asia-Pacific region. We meet with groups at the Department of State and send officials to events throughout the United States.

Officials available for events are:

Date: 07/14/2014 Description: Acting Assistant Secretary Susan A. Thornton - State Dept Image Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs: Susan A. Thornton
Term of Appointment: 3/9/2017 to present
Date: 2015 Description: Deputy Assistant Secretary and Senior Official for APEC: Matthew J. Matthews - State Dept Image Deputy Assistant Secretary and Ambassador for APEC: Matthew J. Matthews
Term of Appointment: 6/16/2015 to Present
Date: 2015 Description: Walter Douglas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Media Engagement  - State Dept Image Deputy Assistant Secretary: Walter Douglas
Term of Appointment: 11/2015 to Present
Date: 2016 Description: W. Patrick Murphy, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Southeast Asia - State Dept Image Deputy Assistant Secretary: W. Patrick Murphy
Term of Appointment: 4/2016 to Present

Date: 2018 Description: Alex N. Wong - State Dept ImageDeputy Assistant Secretary: Alex N. Wong
Term of Appointment: 12/11/2017 to Present

Office of the Special Representative for North Korea Policy (S/NKP)

Special Representative for North Korea Policy: Vacant

Special Envoy for the Six-Party Talks: Vacant

Senior Advisor for Burma: Vacant

If you are interested in inviting an official to address your gathering, please fax your request to the East Asia-Pacific Bureau's Office of Public Affairs (202) 647-0996.

For speakers or briefings on foreign policy in general or on specific countries or regions, please contact the Bureau of Public Affairs at (202) 647-8411. Questions regarding foreign policy or expressing your opinion should be emailed using one of the forms available at or send to: Public Communications Division (PA/PL/PC) Room 2206, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC 20520. Telephone (202) 647-6575