U.S.-France Agreement on Compensation for Certain Victims of Holocaust-Related Deportation from France Who Are Not Covered by French Programs

Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs

Fact Sheet and Instructions for Claims Form

I. Overview of Claims Process

The agreement between France and the United States entered into force to establish a new compensation fund for Holocaust victims who were deported from France and who were not entitled to make claims under the French government’s existing compensation program. The United States is responsible for administering and distributing the settlement amount to eligible claimants. The State Department has developed a claims form to receive applications and is now accepting claims applications. The claims form is available at www.state.gov/deportationclaims.

All claims must be submitted by January 20, 2017. Completed claims forms may be submitted in any of the following three manners:

1. Electronically

2. Mail

3. Facsimile


Office of the Legal Adviser
International Claims and Investment Disputes
Suite 203, South Building
2430 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037-2800


It is recommended that applicants retain a complete copy of their application and submitted materials for their record.

Questions may be directed to DeportationClaims@state.gov or 202-776-8385.

II. Information for the Claims Form

The claims form contains all of the information necessary to submit a claim. Consistent with the terms of the U.S.-France Agreement and applicable nationality requirements (see Article 3), the form contemplates three different categories of claimants that may submit claims:

  1. Individuals who were deported from France during World War II and are alive today.
  2. Spouses of those who were deported from France and are alive today.
  3. Estates of persons in either of the two categories above who died between 1948 and the present. No information is required about the members of an eligible estate.

As noted on the form, claimants should submit the best documents and information available in support of the claim. Each claims form and accompanying evidence will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Claimants will be contacted regarding any follow-up questions and with a determination as to the eligibility of the claim. The amount of payments will not be known until the number and types of claims have been determined.

In addition to this claims program, information about existing French compensation programs is available on the State Department website at www.state.gov/deportationclaims or at http://holocaust-compensation-france.memorialdelashoah.org/en/index_engl.html.