Long-term Work of the Advisory Committee

Long-term work of the Advisory Committee and issues in which the Committee should become engaged

This document summarizes the contributions received from members of the Advisory Committee members concerning the possible longer-term subject areas in which the Committee could focus its efforts in the coming years.


1. Gene Del Polito


I have given some thought to the issue of what should be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the. Here is some of what came to mind.

  • We have yet to address how we might suggest that State, the USPS, the PRC, and/or Congress should reconcile those aspects of the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act that are not in accord with our nation's diplomatic or trade policies. For instance, should international services be listed as market-dominant or competitive services? What is the thinking behind either decision? How does the decision comport with the requirements we must follow from our treaty with the UPU and/or our policies or laws governing commerce and trade?
  • Of those things that have transpired at the recent UPU Congress in Geneva, which are consonant or inconsonant with U.S. policy?
  • What levers of influence were we able to gain in terms of the appointments and responsibilities we have agreed to accept within the UPU?
  • How can the members of the Advisory Committee take fuller responsibility for determining future topics of discussion that would facilitate the State Department's role vis-a-vis the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act and international postal services?
  • What is the Postal Service's strategic plan regarding the development of international postal products and services?
  • To what extend do those plans incorporate the need to improve the Postal Service's financial position which is essential to the provision of a universal mail delivery system?


Finally, I would like to suggest that you consider allowing PostCom to host the next Committee meeting. If sufficient notice were provided, I could arrange for us to meet in the main conference room of our general counsel's firm's offices. Similar consideration should be given to permitting other participants the privilege of hosting an upcoming meeting. Quite frankly, it would eliminate the grief associated with the clearance process for meeting at State.


2. Tom Leavey


I might suggest the following (although they are not presented in any detail):

  • I would suggest broadening the comparative study of the national postal legislation of other countries to include the policies enunciated by the European Commission in their postal directives, with particular focus on liberalization and the definition of the universal service obligation in terms of coverage, access, price and quality.
  • I believe that some of the most pressing issues confronting postal operators, governments and regulators in the international postal market could be studied. These include, but are not limited to, extraterritorial offices of exchange, cost-based terminal dues, WTO commitments and schedules, and threats or opportunities posed by electronic communications.
  • Although some might consider it not to be a role for FACA, I would be in favor of a study that would identify factors influencing the future growth or decline of mail volumes. This is an issue of particular concern to the Global Envelope Alliance, an organization on which I serve as a member of the Board.
  • Particular attention should be devoted to the activities and achievements of the UPU Consultative Committee. Many of the members of FACA participate in the Consultative Committee and its Chairman, Charles Prescott, could present regular reports on its work.


3. Sue Presti


The key issues for the Advisory Committee will be implementation of the relevant provisions of PAEA, and advising on key issues arising at the UPU. The latter would include relevant work by the Consultative Committee, including its initiative on addressing, as well as by the POC and CA.


4. Charles Prescott


[The Advisory Committee should demonstrate] support for and involvement in the work of the Consultative Committee's proposals involving one universal delivery point validation database and change of address facility run under auspices of UPU, and support for development of address systems in countries lacking them.


5. Brad Smith


I would like to have the following items included for consideration and discussion by the Advisory Committee and the public:

  • Stock taking on status of implementation of the U.S. Strategic Plan for the UPU, U.S. priorities (limitations on expansion into private markets) and FACA next steps.
  • U.S. Government outreach to the Financial Stability Forum International Institutions (World Bank, IMF) and financial services regulatory standards setters (FATF, BIS, IOSCO, and IAIS) to engage UPU on bringing postal affiliated financial services providers under global system of regulation and supervision.
  • Development of a FACA transparency and consultation procedures (timelines for consultation with, comment template and comment resolution procedures).
  • Establishment of a FACA working group on financial services.