Attributions and responsibilities of the work groups

June 4, 2009

Suggested possible responsibilities of the Advisory Committee Work Groups (Subcommittees)


Work Group 1: PAEA and U.S. policies towards current and proposed UPU Acts Work Group 2: UPU's role in provision of international postal products and services
Work Group 3: Changing global market for international delivery services
  • Implementation of the PAEA provisions related to international postal and delivery services


  • Addressing
  • Studies on market trends of international postal and delivery services
  • Consistency of UPU decisions with U.S. postal legislation


  • Quality of service: measurement, analysis, publication of results
  • Plans by USPS and delivery providers to develop international services
  • Goals of U.S. Government in UPU participation


  • Reform of the UPU: organizational structure, participation, working methods


  • Current issues facing governments, regulators and operators (e.g. cost-based terminal dues, WTO commitments, ETOEs, the Internet and electronic communications.)
  • Financial services: international financial and standards organizations; regulation of postal financial services