Organization of American States (OAS) Relevant Resolutions 2006

06/06/06  AG/RES. 2170 (XXXVI-O/06) Support for the Work of the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2179 (XXXVI-O/06) Inter-American Convention Against The Illicit Manufacturing Of And Trafficking In Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, And Other Related Materials
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2180 (XXXVI-O/06) The Americas As An Antipersonnel-Land-Mine-Free Zone
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2181 (XXXVI-O/06) Support For Action Against Antipersonnel Mines In Ecuador And Peru
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2182 (XXXVI-O/06) Adoption Of The Amended Statutes Of The Inter-American Committee On Natural Disaster Reduction
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2183 (XXXVI-O/06) Adoption Of The Amended Statutes Of The Inter-American Emergency Aid Fund
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2184 (XXXVI-O/06) Natural Disaster Reduction, Risk Management, And Assistance In Natural And Other Disaster Situations
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2185 (XXXVI-O/06) Follow-up To The Special Conference On Security
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2186 (XXXVI-O/06) Inter-American Support For The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2187 (XXXVI-O/06) Special Security Concerns Of The Small Island States Of The Caribbean
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2188 (XXXVI-O/06) Limitation Of Military Spending And The Promotion Of Greater Transparency In The Acquisition Of Arms In The Americas
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2189 (XXXVI-O/06) Fighting Transnational Organized Crime In The Hemisphere
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2199 (XXXVI-O/06) Amendments To The Model Regulations Of The Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) concerning Laundering Offenses Connected to Illicit Drug Trafficking and other Serious Offenses
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2200 (XXXVI-O/06) Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM) Of The Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)
06/06/06  AG/RES. 2228 (XXXVI-O/06) Meeting Of Ministers Of Justice Or Of Ministers Of Attorneys General Of The Americas (REMJA)
06/06/06  AG/RES.2242 (XXXVI-O/06) Avian Influenza: Inter-American Cooperation To Meet A Global Threat
06/06/06  AG/RES.2245 (XXXVI-O/06) Consolidation Of The Regime Established In The Treaty For The Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons In Latin America And The Caribbean (Treaty Of Tlatelolco)
06/06/06  AG/RES.2246 (XXXVI-O/06) Cooperation On Some Matters Of Security In The Hemisphere
06/06/06  AG/RES.2247 (XXXVI-O/06) Promotion Of Hemispheric Cooperation In Dealing With Gangs Involved In Criminal Activities
06/06/06  AG/RES.2256 (XXXVI-O/06) Hemispheric Efforts To Combat Trafficking In Persons: Conclusions And Recommendations Of The First Meeting Of National Authorities On Trafficking In Persons