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Pakistan Million Women Mentors Program

The Pakistan Million Women Mentors (MWM) Initiative is a U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council initiative, led by the company STEMconnector, meant to foster mentoring relationships for Pakistani women and girls. Mentoring is a powerful way to encourage women and girls to pursue their career goals and leadership opportunities. The MWM movement was created by STEMconnector to combat the consistent dearth of females pursuing and remaining in STEM careers. Through the Pakistan MWM Initiative, we hope to create mentoring relationships between American and Pakistani women and girls and within Pakistan across all sectors.

 The Pakistan Million Women Mentors Initiative aims to: 

  1. Convene leading businesses in Pakistan to raise awareness of best practices in developing mentoring programs; 
  2. Develop a mentoring coalition to provide resources for women and men interested in mentoring; 
  3. Curate mentoring relationships between women and men on key issues related to expanding women’s workforce participation and/or women’s entrepreneurship.

To Get Started

  1. Register your mentoring pledge at the online MWM portal: www.millionwomenmentors.com. 
  2. Identify a company mentoring champion (ideally, this person will be in Human Resources). 
  3. With your mentoring champion, identify your goals. What do you want to accomplish through this initiative? 
  4. Identify women-serving organizations that align with your goals and priorities.
  5. Track your mentoring commitments through the MWM portal. 
  6. See your employees and the women and girls you mentor grow and succeed!


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