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Partnering With Faith-based Actors

The Office of International Religious Freedom maintains ties with a broad array of global religious leaders, faith-based organizations, and academic experts, and acts as a conduit to share their expertise with the U.S. government’s foreign policy community.

We convene faith-based actors – with a commitment to including women and youth – to discuss solutions to the global challenges of today’s world.  We also host experts to share knowledge about how to effectively and inclusively work with faith-based actors on foreign policy matters. 

The Office co-leads the Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and Diplomacy, which brings together academic experts and diplomats from 16 European and North American countries, the European Union, and the United Nations to coordinate diplomatic efforts with faith-based actors.  The group hosts briefings, commissions policy reports, and pursues collaboration on religious literacy training, conflict and peacebuilding, and the fostering of inclusive societies.

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