What level of commitment does INL require from U.S. partners?

The level of participation and commitment can vary by a partner’s availability and can vary from hosting foreign officials to overseas training engagements. A typical overseas assignment lasts between one and two weeks, including travel time.

How much will it cost my agency to partner with INL?

Training and capacity building activities performed on behalf of INL are cost-neutral to our partner agencies. INL partners are reimbursed for all expenses related to INL programs. This includes travel expenses, training materials and equipment, and often salary expenses. Educational study visits hosted by U.S. partner agencies are usually not cost-reimbursable.

Is my agency obligated to participate in INL’s requests for activities?

No, participation in INL programs is completely at the discretion of your agency or department.

How is the safety and security of our staff ensured?

U.S. partners have the support of INL and Embassy staff while deployed, including embassy law enforcement (Regional Security Office). Prior to deployment, participants receive travel, health, and safety information to ensure their understanding of and preparation for host nation safety conditions.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with INL, please contact INL-Partnerships@state.gov.

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