October 12, 2018 Board Meeting

General Information

In accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), the PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) serves the Global AIDS Coordinator in a solely advisory capacity concerning scientific, implementation, and policy issues related to the global response to HIV/AIDS.

These issues are of concern as they influence the priorities and direction of PEPFAR’s evaluation and research, the content of national and international strategies and implementation, and the role of PEPFAR in the international discourse regarding appropriate and resourced responses.

The Board is composed of members appointed by the Coordinator. Membership is representative of the HIV/AIDS community, academia, international experts, partner government representatives, multilateral and bilateral agency representatives, foundations, advocates, and non-governmental organizations.

NOTE: The recommendations provided by the Board do not necessarily represent the opinions of the U.S. government. These recommendations are submitted by the Scientific Advisory Board in its capacity as a federal advisory committee and meet the standards and regulations of the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

For additional information about the Scientific Advisory Board and the documentation of its compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, please visit the FACA Database .

SAB Working Groups

In order to maximize the productivity of the Board, the charter provides that the Coordinator may establish subcommittees or working groups to carry out assigned responsibilities. PEPFAR Expert Working Groups (EWGs) are established under that authority.

There is currently one active EWG: The HIV Prevention Continuum EWG is focused on providing recommendations to the Board about the development and integration of various HIV prevention continua into the PEPFAR program.

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