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PEPFAR Solutions

Welcome to the new home for PEPFAR Solutions!

PEPFAR Solutions are impactful, data-proven implementing experiences that can serve as ‘how to’ guides for others. PEPFAR Solutions span technical areas, but all Solutions advance PEPFAR-supported countries and regions toward epidemic control.

Why is PEPFAR Solutions content moving to

PEPFAR Solutions is moving to to remain compliant with information security standards and enhance the PEPFAR brand on the Department of State website. Our goal is to provide timely information about PEPFAR’s outcomes and accomplishments and is ideal for global access.

What can we expect from the new PEPFAR Solutions site?

Existing articles will be updated and moved to in batches over time. We are also creating new content management processes to develop and create informative articles that showcase innovative PEPFAR strategies and interventions in a user-friendly format.

When will the site launch?

A subset of PEPFAR Solutions content will launch to the public early December 2023. We will add remaining content to the site on a continuous basis.

Available Solutions:

Improving Patient Antiretroviral Therapy Retention through Community Adherence Groups in Zambia

Reducing Dependence on External Donor Financing: Building Capacity for Social Health Insurance in Vietnam and Thailand for People Living with HIV

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