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World AIDS Day 2022 Hashtags:

#WorldAIDSDay2022, #WAD2022, #EndAIDS2030 #PEPFARSavesLives

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Please note: An updated PEPFAR WAD Communication Toolkit with the latest 2022 results will be released in November

  • The theme for #WorldAIDSDay2022 is “Putting Ourselves to the Test: Achieving Equity to End HIV.” #PEPFAR remains deeply committed to supporting people of all ages, sex, and populations with life-saving #HIV services and ensuring all voices are heard and valued. #WAD2022
  • Through #PEPFAR, the U.S. government has saved more than 21 million lives, prevented millions of HIV infections, and supported many countries to reach epidemic control of HIV – contributing to the global #SDG target of #EndAIDS by 2030. #WAD2022
  • Ahead of #WAD2022 and #PEPFAR’s 20th anniversary, PEPFAR has released its new strategic direction that will guide the next phase of the global HIV/AIDS response to save lives and #EndAIDS2030 #PEPFARSavesLives [link]
  • While much progress has been made toward the goal of #EndAIDS2030, HIV/AIDS is still a pandemic, & program gaps must be addressed. #PEPFAR’s new strategic direction, “Reimagining PEPFAR,” focuses on equity, accountability, transparency, impact, & sustained engagement. #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR supports the systems and capabilities countries need to deliver effective, efficient, and sustainable health care, including for HIV, even in times of great public health adversity, such as #COVID19. #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR has supported at least 12 high HIV disease burden countries to reach the 90-90-90 treatment targets and advance global progress toward the #SDG target of ending #AIDS as a public health threat by 2030, including by addressing #COVID19 & inequities. #WAD2022
  • As of March 2022, #PEPFAR supports 20M people with life-saving HIV treatment. Despite the burdens of #COVID19, many partner countries have protected and advanced progress toward controlling their #HIV epidemic. #PEPFARSavesLives #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR supported 2M people to newly enroll on antiretroviral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent #HIV infection since FY 2020 and continues to expand these efforts. #PEPFARSavesLives #WAD2022
  • With the support of #PEPFAR and partners, 5.5M babies have been born HIV-free through efforts to reduce the incidence & prevalence of #HIV among adolescent girls & young women, women of childbearing age, & adult men, as well as reducing mother-to-child transmission. #WAD2022
  • Through >$1 billion annually in health systems strengthening investments across 55 countries, PEPFAR supports 70K+ clinics (incl. 3K labs), 290K+ health care workers, robust health care supply chains & strong data systems, which help countries fight #HIV and #COVID19. #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR-supported public health, clinical, and laboratory platforms have helped countries to keep Ebola virus disease, H1N1, and other deadly diseases from raging out of control – and are significantly aiding the #COVID19 response while protecting & advancing #HIV progress. #WAD2022
  • We cannot achieve our goal to #EndAIDS if we deny people’s human rights and their sexual and reproductive rights or allow discrimination against people living with #HIV or those most vulnerable to acquiring HIV. #WAD2022 #SRHR
  • #PEPFAR supports enabling environments for quality #HIV service access and helps address stigma and discrimination, harmful policies, and discriminatory legislation that further marginalize individuals & threaten the human rights and dignity of all. #WAD2022
  • Despite the continued challenges of #COVID19, #PEPFAR has ensured continuity of treatment for people living with HIV and significantly expanded HIV treatment access to more of those in need. #WAD2022
  • Faced with #COVID19, #PEPFAR has adapted service delivery, accelerated program innovation, and drive policy change to better serve our clients, including dramatically expanding multi-month dispensing of #HIV medications to keep clients healthy and in care. #WAD2022
  • In sub-Saharan Africa, adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable to HIV. That’s why #PEPFAR leads programs like the DREAMS partnership to address factors that increase their #HIV risks, such as gender-based violence & exclusion from economic opportunities. #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR’s @MenStar partnership has helped nearly 3M men start lifesaving #HIV treatment since its launch in 2018, with 95% achieving viral suppression. MenStar was launched in response to data showing that men access many HIV services at lower rates than women. #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR provides critical care and support for millions of orphans, vulnerable children & their caregivers to improve the health and well-being of children living with and affected by #HIV. #WAD2022 #PEPFARSavesLives
  • PEPFAR is the largest supporter of children affected by HIV. Half of children infected with #HIV during or around birth will die before age two without treatment. #PEPFAR expands treatment access by reducing barriers such as stigma and using child-friendly ART regimens. #WAD2022
  • #PEPFAR has enabled millions of babies to be born HIV-free to mothers living with #HIV through increased access to lifesaving antiretroviral treatment that keeps moms healthy and significantly reduces the transmission risk to their child. #WAD2022 #PEPFARSavesLives

World AIDS Logos

The official logos for World AIDS Day 2022 are available in various formats for web/social and can be found here .

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