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At the 2018 United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump launched the “Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem,” in which 130 countries agreed to take action against the growing international drug crisis. In the year since its inception, this call to action has helped elevate the international community’s focus on the growing synthetic drug threat. Mobilizing other governments is only one piece of the solution to this problem – the private sector is an equally crucial partner in our efforts to disrupt criminal activity.

At the 2019 Concordia Summit, the White House and the Department of State announced the Private Sector Call to Action Pledge. This follows President Trump’s call to action in 2018 by expanding the roster of allies to include the private sector. Criminal organizations are exploiting 21st century tools to enable their illegal activities. This includes taking advantage of the anonymity and convenience of the internet and encrypted peer-to-peer messaging apps to market and sell drugs to global clients and then shipping these dangerous substances through the mail in small, hard-to-detect quantities throughout the globe.

Because of these factors, governments alone cannot stop this crisis. We need all likeminded parties involved in a coordinated and dynamic effort, and this pledge of private sector action will be a key component in battling the flow of illegal narcotics and protecting our citizens and those of other countries from the effects of this epidemic.

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