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America’s prosperity, which underwrites its national security, depends on maintaining a fair, open, and stable international economy that assures reliable access to affordable energy for the United States, its allies, and well-governed trading partners. Internationally, a lack of access to energy access can foster conditions for political instability, illegal migration, and the proliferation of extremist organizations. Noncompetitive behaviors—such as monopolies, sole suppliers, and cartels that use energy as a political and economic weapon—threaten global energy security.

The Department of State promotes U.S. interests globally on critical issues such as ensuring economic and energy security for the United States and its allies and partners, removing barriers to energy development and trade, and promoting U.S. best practices regarding transparency and good governance. The Department works to deny terrorists and rogue nations access to funds derived from energy production.

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Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR): ENR leads the Department of State’s efforts to forge international energy policy, strengthen U.S. and global energy security, and respond to energy challenges from around the world that affect U.S. economic policy and national security. Read more about ENR

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