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Indonesia Flag: Two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and white; the colors derive from the banner of the Majapahit Empire of the 13th-15th centuries; red symbolizes courage, white represents purity. Note: similar to the flag of Monaco, which is shorter; also similar to the flag of Poland, which is white (top) and red. [CIA World Fact Book]

Indonesian Inter-Island Empowerment Accelerator

Surayaba, Indonesia

U.S. Consulate General Surabaya will host a three-month “Eastern Indonesia Inter-Island Empowerment Accelerator” to empower women in the fishery industry.  The program will bring together 12-15 women leaders working in the industry to identify means to increase business activity, drive exports, and develop fair and equal regulatory policies in high-potential fisheries, seafood, and aquaculture sectors.  As part of this work, Indonesian and American business women  will work together in identifying areas of collaboration to strengthen the aquaculture sectors.  As an outcome, participants will develop a business plan on collaborative ways to expand business opportunities and support U.S.-Indonesian economic activities.

Israel Flag: white with a blue hexagram (six-pointed linear star) known as the Magen David (Star of David or Shield of David) centered between two equal horizontal blue bands near the top and bottom edges of the flag; the basic design resembles a traditional Jewish prayer shawl (tallit), which is white with blue stripes; the hexagram as a Jewish symbol dates back to medieval times [CIA World Fact Book]

How to Pass the Silicon Valley Coding Interview: Women’s Edition – Regional Program

Jerusalem, Israel

U.S. Embassy Jerusalem will support the first ever last-meter talent development program to connect female software engineers in the NEA region with U.S. tech companies.  The program will work to better prepare female engineers to pursue business and job opportunities in tech and ICT sectors. Overall, females are underrepresented in the software industry.  This program enables female software engineers to better navigate job and entrepreneurial opportunities in the tech industry.  Outcomes include building stronger and inclusive workforces to support U.S. businesses in the region and building a global network of female software engineers.

Mexico Flag: three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side), white, and red; Mexico's coat of arms (an eagle with a snake in its beak perched on a cactus) is centered in the white band; green signifies hope, joy, and love; white represents peace and honesty; red stands for hardiness, bravery, strength, and valor; the coat of arms is derived from a legend that the wandering Aztec people were to settle at a location where they would see an eagle on a cactus eating a snake; the city they founded, Tenochtitlan, is now Mexico City.

Enduring Success for Women in the Arizona/Sonora Mining Industry

Nogales, Mexico

U.S. Consulate General in Nogales, Mexico will work with the Mining Cluster of Sonora and Phoenix-based WorldWise Coaching LLC to organize an event focused on opportunities for women in the mining industry across the binational and bi-state “Mega Region” of Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.  The one day conference for up to 100 women in the mining industry will raise awareness of U.S.-Mexico cross-border business opportunities and serve as a catalyst for an ongoing mentorship program.   The program will also highlight the new labor reforms in the USCMA agreement and how they can best be used to promote women’s economic stability.

Spain Flag: three horizontal bands of red (top), yellow (double width), and red with the national coat of arms on the hoist side of the yellow band; the coat of arms is quartered to display the emblems of the traditional kingdoms of Spain (clockwise from upper left, Castile, Leon, Navarre, and Aragon) while Granada is represented by the stylized pomegranate at the bottom of the shield; the arms are framed by two columns representing the Pillars of Hercules, which are the two promontories (Gibraltar and Ceuta) on either side of the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar; the red scroll across the two columns bears the imperial motto of "Plus Ultra" (further beyond) referring to Spanish lands beyond Europe; the triband arrangement with the center stripe twice the width of the outer dates to the 18th century. Note: the red and yellow colors are related to those of the oldest Spanish kingdoms: Aragon, Castile, Leon, and Navarre. [CIA World Fact Book]

POWER Showcase Bazaar- Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs #SPAIN

Madrid, Spain

U.S. Embassy Madrid will partner with  U.S. businesses to showcase products from women entrepreneurs in Spain.  The program will work closely with alumni of USG entrepreneurship programs such as the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE).  In addition, participants will explore ways to strengthen supply chains and procurement processes for local vendors and U.S. companies.  This program will strengthen the network of women entrepreneurs and facilitate engagement with American businesses and local resources, including but limited to the American Chambers of Commerce, investors, and others from the entrepreneurship community.

Kosovo Flag: centered on a dark blue field is the geographical shape of Kosovo in a gold color surmounted by six white, five-pointed stars arrayed in a slight arc; each star represents one of the major ethnic groups of Kosovo: Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Gorani, Roma, and Bosniaks. [CIA World Fact Book]

Femme-preneurs in ICT – Roundtable

Pristina, Kosovo

Through a two-day roundtable event with women entrepreneurs from Kosovo and the United States, U.S. Embassy Pristina plans to connect women leaders from both countries to compare business models, explore financing challenges, and exchange best practices. As access to finance is vital to local women entrepreneurs, the roundtable will highlight success stories, explore financing resources, and tools that translate to the local context.  The roundtable would also serve as a networking event between local and U.S. businesses. Participants will explore new partnerships and methods of cooperation during the workshop. Targeted sub-industries include: FinTech, eHealth, Software and Web Development, and Big Data analysis.

Kazakhstan Flag: A gold sun with 32 rays above a soaring golden steppe eagle, both centered on a sky blue background; the hoist side displays a national ornamental pattern "koshkar-muiz" (the horns of the ram) in gold; the blue color is of religious significance to the Turkic peoples of the country, and so symbolizes cultural and ethnic unity; it also represents the endless sky as well as water; the sun, a source of life and energy, exemplifies wealth and plenitude; the sun's rays are shaped like grain, which is the basis of abundance and prosperity; the eagle has appeared on the flags of Kazakh tribes for centuries and represents freedom, power, and the flight to the future [CIA World Fact Book]

Maker to Market Forum

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

U.S. Embassy Nur-Sultan in Kazakhstan will host the virtual event “Maker-to-Market Forum” to bring together Kazakh artisans with U.S. businesses interested in sourcing handmade products. The forum will empower women across Kazakhstan in developing their entrepreneurial skills, while learning how to adapt to an international market.  This forum will be the first phase of a larger project to develop an online platform/forum to facilitate supplier-buyer connections.

Ecuador Flag: three horizontal bands of yellow (top, double width), blue, and red with the coat of arms superimposed at the center of the flag; the flag retains the three main colors of the banner of Gran Columbia, the South American republic that broke up in 1830; the yellow color represents sunshine, grain, and mineral wealth, blue the sky, sea, and rivers, and red the blood of patriots spilled in the struggle for freedom and justice.

Empowering Professional Women to Drive Innovation in STEM Fields in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

U.S. Embassy Quito will train 50 early stage women tech entrepreneurs and engineers through a six-week seminar series on how to transfer innovation to market as a means to drive innovation between Ecuador and the U.S.  The program will also pair participants with women entrepreneurship networks and women-run tech and STEM-related businesses to mentor them on marketing business ideas, while also creating a network of young women in tech and STEM fields.

Jamaica Flag: diagonal yellow cross divides the flag into four triangles - green (top and bottom) and black (hoist side and outer side); green represents hope, vegetation, and agriculture, black reflects hardships overcome and to be faced, and yellow recalls golden sunshine and the island's natural resources.

Women in EdTech Connect,  Developing U.S.-Jamaica Business Networks Post COVID-19

Kingston, Jamaica

Through a series of virtual engagements leveraging digital platforms, U.S. Embassy Kingston will host a program to mentor and create networks between female-led digital education startups in the U.S. and Jamaica by building on existing networks of female EdTech business leaders in the U.S.  Given the growing demand for digital learning solutions in the context of COVID-19, this program will target female edupreneurs and help them take their business endeavors to the next level. Ultimately, this project will contribute to bilateral economic relations by developing lasting female U.S.-Jamaica private sector connections and facilitating market access in an increasingly critical industry.

Australia Flag: blue with the flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and a large seven-pointed star in the lower hoist-side quadrant known as the Commonwealth or Federation Star, representing the federation of the colonies of Australia in 1901; the star depicts one point for each of the six original states and one representing all of Australia's internal and external territories; on the fly half is a representation of the Southern Cross constellation in white with one small, five-pointed star and four larger, seven-pointed stars. [CIA World Fact Book]

37 Degrees Latitude:  Empowering Women Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Melbourne through COVID-Resilient Business Planning

Melbourne, Australia

U.S. Consulate Melbourne will host a conference focused on supporting U.S. and Australian economic recovery from COVID-19 by uplifting dozens of women-owned businesses.  By the end of the conference, these businesses will have actionable COVID-resilient business plans and new personal connections to inspire women entrepreneurs and opportunities to collaborate.  The conference will also be a bridge into the Australian and East Asian Pacific markets for U.S. businesses, providing the opportunity to showcase and market their business planning and technology services.

Greece Flag: nine equal horizontal stripes of blue alternating with white; a blue square bearing a white cross appears in the upper hoist-side corner; the cross symbolizes Greek Orthodoxy, the established religion of the country; there is no agreed upon meaning for the nine stripes or for the colors; the exact shade of blue has never been set by law and has varied from a light to a dark blue over time. [CIA World Fact Book]

Female Tech Entrepreneurs: Preparing for Greece’s Cloud-Based Tech Future

Athens, Greece

U.S. Embassy Athens and U.S. Consulate Thessaloniki will host the two-day forum “Women Tech Entrepreneurs: Raising Venture Capital to Prepare for Greece’s Cloud-Based Future”.   This forum will bring together Greek women working in various sectors of the technology industry with American counterparts to explore challenges faced in expanding their technology businesses and accessing capital. This forum will help women focus on the tools needed to leverage cloud-based applications. The forum will  strengthen the transatlantic network of women in technology while also supporting Greek-U.S. business opportunities in the cloud-computing market.

Gabon flag: three equal horizontal bands of green (top), yellow, and blue; green represents the country's forests and natural resources, gold represents the equator (which transects Gabon) as well as the sun, blue represents the sea [CIA World Fact Book]

Gabon Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum

Libreville, Gabon

African diaspora and specialty confection sectors in the United States repeatedly show more demand for genuine African foods, handicrafts, and business partnerships. U.S. Embassy Libreville will host a one-week “Gabonese Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum” to enable emerging Gabonese female entrepreneurs the resources and access to U.S. business networks that will  strengthen the bilateral commercial relationship.  This forum will include sharing examples of best practices, providing strategies to overcome challenges in the Gabonese business environment, and informing local businesses of U.S. import requirements and partnership opportunities. This project aims to build export capacity by creating sustainable linkages between Gabonese and American partners.

Kuwait Flag: Three equal horizontal bands of green (top), white, and red with a black trapezoid based on the hoist side; colors and design are based on the Arab Revolt flag of World War I; green represents fertile fields, white stands for purity, red denotes blood on Kuwaiti swords, black signifies the defeat of the enemy [CIA World Fact Book]

Women in Finance Diwaniya

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Embassy Kuwait will host a women-in-finance virtual event that will bring together mid- and senior-level women in the business sector. Outcomes include: (1) support women’s participation in the local banking sector and advance women working in finance and the important sub-field of fintech, (2) help U.S. firms develop a strong network with local partners to be able to enter the Kuwait market, (3) foster an international network between emerging female leaders in Kuwait and established experts in fintech from the U.S. and, (4) expand the nascent women in finance professional network which the U.S. Embassy helped create.

France Flag: three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), white, and red; known as the "Le drapeau tricolore" (French Tricolor), the origin of the flag dates to 1790 and the French Revolution when the "ancient French color" of white was combined with the blue and red colors of the Parisian militia; the official flag for all French dependent areas. Note: the design and/or colors are similar to a number of other flags, including those of Belgium, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. [CIA World Fact Book]

Women in Wine

Paris, France

Embassy Paris will host a one-day forum convening American and French women winemakers to explore challenges they both face in the traditionally dominated “man’s wine world.” Outcomes include: (1) highlight best practices, (2) help establish a strong transatlantic network, (3) create market opportunities in France for American wine, which produced by American women, and (4) identify policy issues to support women entrepreneurs within this sector.


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