Good afternoon. It is wonderful to back in Algiers for my first visit as Deputy Secretary of State. And I’m so delighted to be standing here with your Foreign Minister [Lamamra] and our Ambassador [Aubin].

I want to sincerely thank President Tebboune for his hospitality and warm welcome. We just concluded a very productive meeting.

The President shared with me his plans to create more jobs and diversify Algeria’s economy into strategic sectors, including agribusiness, information communications technology, and clean energy.

These are areas where U.S. businesses can work closely with Algeria. For instance, just last week a delegation of U.S. small businesses in wind energy, wastewater treatment, and oil services visited Algeria.

The United States and Algeria both want to increase trade and economic cooperation with each other. We are thrilled and honored that the President plans to visit the U.S. pavilion during the Algiers International Fair this June, where the United States will be the country of honor.

We also discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s—in my words—premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified war of choice against Ukraine, and how President Putin’s actions violate the principles of the UN Charter.

Our meeting also covered some important regional issues, and I look forward to continuing the discussion I also had with the Foreign Minister earlier today.

The United States and Algeria agree that regional stability is key to a peaceful and prosperous future for the entire Sahel.  Both of our countries are concerned about the destabilizing presence of foreign forces and are working together to counter violent extremist groups.

I also reaffirmed the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to human rights, including media freedom and religious freedom.

The United States’ relationship with Algeria is broad and deep, and we look forward to continuing to further deepen our cooperation on jobs and economic development, clean energy, security, and other areas.

Once again, I was honored by my time with your President, and for his gracious—and for the Foreign Minister’s gracious—hospitality today. We are thrilled that we have sent you one of our very best to be Ambassador here, and I know she will carry on the conversations we started today to further deepen our relationship.

Thank you so much.

U.S. Department of State

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