Public Meeting for the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Draft SEIS) for the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline

The Department plans to convene a public meeting in Billings, Montana on Tuesday October 29, 2019, at the Billings Hotel  & Convention Center, 1223 Mullowney Lane, Billings, MT 59101 Street from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM MDT. The purpose of the meeting is to provide an opportunity for the public to gain information about the project and talk with government officials. The meeting will be an open house format with opportunities to submit comments via hand-written comment forms, electronic comment stations, and one-on-one verbal comments to a stenographer. Please note that in the interest of the security of all attendees certain items will not be permitted inside the public meeting space. In particular items including bags, purses, weapons, bottles, air horns, mega-phones, posters, signs and alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the meeting space. The Department intends to make a space available outside the meeting space where individuals may gather with signs and posters.

Additional information regarding the meeting can be found in the Instructional Handout.

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