U.S. Relations With Maldives

Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
Fact Sheet
September 5, 2018

More information about Maldives is available on the Maldives Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources listed at the end of this fact sheet.


The United States established diplomatic relations with Maldives in 1966 following its independence from the United Kingdom. The United States has sought to support Maldives’ ongoing democratic initiatives and economic development agenda and seeks to ensure that Maldives addresses its social and environmental problems. The United States has called on the government to respect and protect freedom of expression and the important role of civil society.

The United States recognizes the importance of promoting security in the Indian Ocean, and worked with Maldives on efforts to combat terrorism.

The United States has no consular or diplomatic offices in Maldives. The U.S. Ambassador and Embassy staff in Sri Lanka make periodic visits.

U.S. Assistance to Maldives

U.S. foreign assistance resources aim to promote and enhance maritime security, counterterrorism, law enforcement, and counternarcotics cooperation with Maldivian forces and to help the country's adaptive capacity and resilience to environmental change.

Bilateral Economic Relations

Maldives signed a trade and investment framework agreement with the United States and held its first meeting in October 2014. Maldives has been designated as a beneficiary country under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program, under which a range of products that Maldives might seek to export would be eligible for duty-free entry to the United States.

Maldives's Membership in International Organizations

Maldives and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization.

Bilateral Representation

The U.S. Ambassador to Maldives is resident in Sri Lanka. Principal embassy officials are listed in the Department's Key Officers List.

Maldives has no embassy in Washington, DC, but its permanent representative to the United Nations in New York is dually accredited as ambassador to the United States.

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