Date: 11/05/2013 Description: Kentucky state seal © Public Domain
Date: 11/05/2013 Description: Kentucky state flag © Public Domain

Fast Fact

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, U.S. Reps. Hal Rogers and Brett Guthrie, and former U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler are all alumni of one of the Department’s flagship international exchange programs, the American Council of Young Political Leaders. More»

The State Department yields a large return for the American people by advancing U.S. national security, promoting our economic interests, providing services, and reaffirming our country’s exceptional role in the world. Read on to learn how the work of the Department benefits this state’s residents.

  • Jobs and Diplomacy

  • Embassy Phnom Penh held two “Great American Whiskey Tasting” events to increase sales of U.S.-made whiskeys and spirits in the Cambodian market. The events attracted over 150 members of Cambodia’s food and beverage, hotel, and tourist business communities and involved 12 U.S. brands. (EAP) More»
  • In April, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. announced a $1.33 billion investment in its Georgetown plant - the highest of any automaker in Kentucky and the second-largest in state history. The plant is Toyota’s largest in the world and has 8,200 employees. (EAP) More»
  • The Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg employs 393 people and is a significant area employer. (CA) More»
  • Kentucky hosted 1,682 foreign physicians, teachers, camp counselors, au pairs and others as part of work and study-based Exchange Visitor Program in 2016. (ECA) More»
  • In FY17, Kentucky-based companies received approval to export $10,394,380 worth of defense articles and services licensed by the Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. (PM) More»
  • The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) contributed more than $672,000 to Kentucky’s through contracts and federal grants that directly supported INL missions. (INL) More»
  • The Department of State, in partnership with agencies across the federal government, creates jobs for American workers by opening markets and eliminating trade barriers overseas and by attracting foreign direct investment to the United States. Goods exports of $30.9 billion (2017) support approximately 143,536 Kentuckian jobs (2016). Foreign direct investment into Kentucky supports an additional 117,300 jobs (2015). (EB) More»
  • Click here for more information about Department career recruitment events in Kentucky. (HR)
  • Education

  • Diplomat-in-Residence (Dale Giovengo): Diplomats in Residence (DIRs) are career Foreign Service Officers or Specialists located throughout the U.S. who provide guidance and advice to students, professionals and the community about Department careers. (HR) More»
  • 16 Scholars, Students and Teachers from Kentucky were awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, and 21 international students received a Fulbright to study in Kentucky in academic year 2017-18. (ECA) More»
  • 7,832 international higher education students studied abroad in Kentucky in academic year 2016-17. (ECA) More»
  • 244 exchange visitors from overseas visited Kentucky, and 186 Kentucky residents travelled overseas as part of the Department’s educational and cultural exchange funded programs in 2015. (ECA) More»
  • In 2018, six students and one professor from the University of Panama will participate in an English language and cultural immersion program at Murray State University in Kentucky. The scholarship connects students from traditionally underserved, financially disadvantaged backgrounds with a unique opportunity for immersion-style language learning, international mobility and cross-cultural exchange. Participants awarded this competitive scholarship depart in January to study and volunteer in the U.S. for 2 months. They later return home to work closely with the next generation of scholarship recipients, the University of Panama’s English School and the U.S. Embassy to share their experience and increase volunteer culture in their home communities. (WHA) More»
  • In 2017, Embassy Managua sent 11 students from the Access and College Horizons programs and two mentors on a 10 week Total English Immersion Program to Murray State University to improve their English and cultural understanding of the United States. English provides an opportunity for increased economic opportunities in Nicaragua. These programs provided revenue to the universities, and opportunities to the students that lead to better employment prospects and decreased probability of emigration. (WHA/ECA) More»
  • The Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Brazil) is working with the University of Kentucky, Iowa State University, Purdue University, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to offer regular undergraduate courses in English in agricultural and biological engineering, food science, animal science, and agricultural economics to create opportunities for U.S. students. This partnership is part of the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund, the dynamic public/private sector collaboration between the U.S. Department of State, Embassies, NGOs, companies, and foundations that inspires U.S. universities and colleges in the United States to team up with higher education institutions in the rest of the Western Hemisphere region. (WHA) More»
  • The Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs offered the University of Kentucky more than $101,000 in grant funding to train graduate students abroad. (OES) More»
  • Partnerships

  • The U.S.-China EcoPartnership between the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research and Jiangsu Wisdom Engineering Technology focused on capturing volatile organic compounds prior to combustion in energy-intensive industrial plants. (EAP/OES) More»
  • The INL Bureau partnered with the Nashville City Police Academy and Kentucky State Police Academy in 2017 to convince Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOI) of the merits of a single Basic Patrol Police Academy as an entry point into the Ukrainian police force. As a result, future all police in Ukraine will be recruited into the police force through the Patrol Police and trained according to the same six-month basic Patrol Police training program administered by Patrol Police instructors. (INL) More»
  • INL has formally partnered with Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) since 2015. The INL Bureau partnered with Louisville Metro Police Department, Atlanta Police Department, and the Southern Police Institute (SPI) in 2017 to introduce a cadre of Ukrainian women law enforcement officers to international women’s associations and share best practices in setting up such an association. Building on this experience, and with the heavy support of the Canadian Embassy to Ukraine, Ukrainian women police and border guards are planning to launch their own national association in March 2018. (INL)
  • The Department of State facilitates the Kentucky National Guard’s State Partnership Program with Ecuador founded in 1996. (PM) More»
  • The Department of State facilitates the Kentucky National Guard’s State Partnership Program with Djibouti founded in 2015. (PM) More»
  • Refugee Arrivals in Fiscal Year 2017: 1,618. The Department works with nine domestic non-governmental organizations, which place refugees with more than 325 affiliates in roughly 190 communities around the country. These local affiliates work closely with community partners, congregations, volunteers, and state and local officials to provide a successful start for refugees rebuilding their lives. Refugee communities have historically enhanced the economic dynamism and cultural vitality of our nation. Refugees contribute to the United States in numerous ways, including by starting businesses and joining the U.S. military. This program helps the world’s most vulnerable refugees find permanent homes, and it demonstrates the immense generosity of the American people. (PRM) More»
  • 12 emerging leaders studied or participated in a fellowship in Kentucky on one of the Young Leaders initiatives in 2017. (ECA) More»
  • Kentucky residents in the Global Ties U.S. network volunteered 9,537 hours of their time in 2017 to host or support International Visitor Leadership Program and other exchange participants who visited the state. (ECA) More»
  • The Strong Cities Network (SCN) – launched and sustained by the State Department – is a global network of mayors, municipal-level policy makers, and practitioners united in building social cohesion and community resilience to counter violent extremism. Across the world, cities are on the frontline of building resilience to radicalization to violence. Local governments, whether cities, municipalities or towns, are uniquely positioned to safeguard their citizens from community polarization and radicalization through partnerships with local communities. The SCN is made up of over 120 cities worldwide. In the U.S., SCN members include: Atlanta, GA; Aurora, CO; Chattanooga, TN; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Louisville, KY, Minneapolis, MN; Montgomery County, MD; New York, NY; and San Diego, CA. The mayors of both Anaheim and Chattanooga participated in the SCN Global Meeting in Denmark in May 2017. (CT) More»
  • Travel and Security

  • Total Passports Issued in Fiscal Year 2017: 146,064. (CA) More»
  • Passport Application Acceptance Facilities: 104. (CA) More»
  • UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts: Paducah. (IO) More»
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Mammoth Cave National Park. (IO) More»
  • In Fiscal Year 2016, the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) issued visas to 131 children who were adopted by U.S. citizens from Kentucky. Intercountry adoption is one CA's highest priorities. CA's Office of Children’s Issues plays an active role in the intercountry adoption process and works diligently to establish and maintain intercountry adoption as a viable option throughout the world. (CA/OCS) More»
  • The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) is the law enforcement arm of the U.S. Department of State with field and resident offices in 24 states and the District of Colombia. These offices cover the entire United States and its territories, with regional responsibility for protecting the integrity of U.S. travel documents by investigating passport and visa fraud, serving on federal and state law enforcement task forces, combatting terrorism and human trafficking, as well as protecting the Secretary of State and other domestic and foreign dignitaries. DSS special agents and investigators assigned to the Chicago Field Office regularly work alongside federal, state, and local authorities throughout Kentucky. (DSS) More»