Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Enbridge Energy's Line 67 Pipeline

Media Note
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
August 11, 2017

The State Department is publishing today the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Final Supplemental EIS) for the proposed Line 67 Expansion. The State Department has prepared the Final Supplemental EIS as part of its review of the Presidential permit application submitted by Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership (Enbridge).

The Final Supplemental EIS is not a decisional document on whether to approve or deny the Presidential permit. The Final Supplemental EIS is a technical assessment of the potential environmental impacts related to the proposed pipeline.

The Secretary of State (or his delegate), based on Presidentially-delegated authorities under Executive Order 13337, will now conduct a careful review to determine whether issuance of a new permit to Enbridge would be in the national interest. To make this determination, the Secretary of State (or his delegate) considers many factors, including but not limited to, foreign policy; energy security; environmental, cultural and economic impacts; and compliance with applicable law and policy. The Department will also consult with the heads of certain other agencies pursuant to Executive Order 13337.

The Final Supplemental EIS and additional documents are available on the State Department’s website: For further information, please contact Yoon Nam at