Remarks at the Boldline Accelerator Reception

I. Steven (Steve) Goldstein
Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs 
WeWork White House
Washington, DC
March 1, 2018

As Prepared for Delivery

Good evening.

Let me start by saying how pleased I am to be here with all of you in this welcoming space at WeWork White House. It is wonderful to see people from so many different sectors, with representatives from companies in the technology, consulting, and multinational spaces, as well as colleagues from the Department of State.

The reason we are here today, and the reason behind the Department of State’s Boldline Accelerator, is our common desire to work together to find solutions to today’s most pressing challenges. Governments can no longer address these issues alone. Success requires all of us to work together: for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Together we are able to take the often dotted lines between sectors and – by cultivating public-private partnerships – create bold lines to connect them.

Whether your public-private partnership is focused on combatting violent extremism, empowering teenage girls to pursue careers in STEAM fields, or enabling emerging markets to become more competitive, know that my colleagues and I are here to work with you to ensure the success of these initiatives. Your success is our success. Each of you has unique strengths that are amplified by working together. Together we can achieve results that would have been impossible to reach alone.

Through Public Diplomacy, the Department of State moves beyond traditional government-to-government contact to engage individuals and communities around the world through people-to-people relationships. Many of the partnerships represented here today are closely tied to Public Diplomacy outreach. Some examples include Deloitte’s support for connecting NGOs, foundations, and companies with the Department of State’s global network of 650 American Spaces; Facebook’s leadership in building an international gaming academy that provides jobs and technical skills to youth in emerging markets; and the collaboration between Found Sound Nation and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs on the “OneBeat Music Diplomacy” initiative that uses music as a form of storytelling to engage diverse populations around the globe.

Each of the nine partnerships represented here today is playing an important Public Diplomacy role, helping to shape the narrative about the United States by showcasing the ingenuity and innovation of the U.S. private sector. You are the face of America in places where, in many cases, America has been misrepresented or not represented at all.

Alongside my colleagues in the Office of Global Partnerships, I firmly believe that partnerships are much more than just leveraging outside resources. These partnerships help us create jobs, build business ties, create cross-cultural dialogues, blunt the lure of extremist ideologies, and enhance the prosperity of our citizens and those of our allies.

Thank you for participating in the Boldline Accelerator this week to hone your skills with scaling up partnerships, building networks, and identify new partners. I wish all of you continued success in your endeavors.