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This section applies to those applying for a Reemployed Annuitant (REA)/While-Actually Employed (WAE) status. We encourage those who are currently undergoing a separation (retirement) exam and considering WAE status to do both exams simultaneously to prevent having to do the same exam twice.

    1. Complete the following physical exam forms:
      DS-1843: Medical History and Examination for Foreign Service or Individuals Age 12 and Older if in conjunction with a Separation (retirement) exam. OR

      if retired and rejoining as a REA/WAE. OR

      DS-3057: Medical Clearance Update (MCU) if you are currently a REA/WAE and previously completed a DS-1843 or to become a REA/WAE.


    1. Send your completed forms and medical reports:
      Via email in a PDF format to (preferred)
      Or fax to 202-647-0292 (less preferred)
      Include the Medical Records coversheet.


    1. We encourage all separating individuals to complete their medical exam by a personal provider at their new home to establish a medical relationship with a provider. A separation physical exam can also be completed at your post’s health unit or at the Department of State Exam Clinic in Washington DC. For information on how to schedule an appointment with the Exam Clinic, contact or 202-663-1779.


    1. Medical Clearance related medical expenses not covered by your medical insurance may be reimbursed by receiving a DS-3069 payment authorization form from your human resources and submitting your invoices and “Explanation of Benefits” to Medical Claims at


    1. For more detailed information see Separation Guidance.


  1. We strongly encourage those becoming a REA/WAE to complete the required REA/WAE medical clearance exam at the same time as their separation physical. Write “REA/WAE” next “Separation” to the box on page 1 of the DS-1843.

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