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The Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) includes six regional offices located throughout the United States.  Each OFM regional office, led by a regional director, is responsible for regulating the activities of foreign consulates in the respective region in accordance with both foreign policy and national security interests of the United States.

Pursuant to the Foreign Missions Act (22 U.SC. 4301-4316) and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, OFM regional offices are responsible for ensuring equitable treatment of U.S. diplomatic and consular personnel abroad and providing, on a reciprocal basis, appropriate privileges, benefits and services to the foreign mission community in the United States.

The regional offices ensure compliance of diplomatic privileges and immunities of foreign diplomats and officials residing in the U.S. including:  tax exemptions, diplomatic duty-free customs clearances, motor vehicle registrations and drivers licensing.

In addition, the regional offices liaise with local, state and federal government agencies in matters affecting foreign consular representation immunities and privileges, and reinforce the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ message to law enforcement agencies regarding consular notification in the event of arrest, detention, or death of foreign nationals.

Download Map of OFM Regional Jurisdictions [531 KB]

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