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Fact Sheet
Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation

On April 20, 2011, the United Nations Security Council significantly reinforced international measures to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)and their means of delivery. By unanimously passing resolution 1977 (UNSCR 1977), the UNSC extended the mandate of a key Committee that has been helping member states build capacity to combat WMD proliferation. The vote signaled the UNSC’s commitment to the long-term goal of ensuring member states take all necessary action to prevent the spread of WMD.UNSCR 1977 also called for member states to designate a Point of Contact for 1540 implementation.

Since the 2004adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (UNSCR 1540), member states have been obligated to make and enforce effective measures against WMD proliferation. All States have three primary obligations.

  1. Prohibit support to non-state actors seeking WMD.
  2. Adopt and enforce effective laws prohibiting the spread of WMD to non-state actors.
  3. Enforce effective measures to control WMD.

UNSCR 1540 established a Committee to promote the resolution’s implementation. The Committee has become a part of the international framework to prevent proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their means of delivery. UNSCR 1540 works to strengthen cooperation among States and international organizations to help meet their obligations.

The Committee’s new ten-year mandate extension will allow it to continue its work, aided now by a Group of Experts to assist it with more technical matters. UNSCR 1977 also encourages the Committee to form partnerships with regional and intergovernmental organizations to promote universal implementation of UNSCR 1540. UNSCR 1977 also recognizes the importance of voluntary contributions to resource the Committee’s activities.

The United States strongly supports the Committee’s work and warmly welcomed UNSCR 1977. The United States has recently donated $3 million to the UN to support the Committee to support implementation of UNSCR 1540.

For more information on current efforts to implement UNSCR 1540 worldwide, please contact Deputy U.S. 1540 Coordinator Gregory Marcus at (202) 647-7594 or

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