U.S. Participation in the UN report

U.S. Contributions to International Organizations

Section 4(b) of the United Nations Participation Act (UNPA, 22 U.S.C. § 287b(b)) calls for the Secretary of State to submit an annual report to Congress on the extent and disposition of all financial contributions made by the United States during the preceding year to international organizations in which the United States participates as a member.

Voting Practices in the United Nations

The Report to the Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations was first published in 1984, for the year 1983 pursuant to Public Law 98-151 and Public Law 98-164. This report reviews voting practices in the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly (UNGA), and presents data in a variety of formats.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future