This Agency Financial Report (AFR) was produced with the energies and talents of Department of State staff in Washington, D.C. and our offices and posts around the world. We offer our sincerest thanks and acknowledgement. In particular, we recognize the following individuals and organizations for their contributions:


Jeffrey Mounts, Comptroller
William Davisson, Deputy Comptroller (Charleston)
Cecilia Coates, Deputy Comptroller (DC)
Carmen Castro, Associate Comptroller
Kerry Neal, Managing Director of Financial Policy, Reporting & Analysis
Joan Lugo, Managing Director of Global Financial Operations
Carole Clay, Director of Office of Management Controls
Paul McVicker, Director of Office of Financial Coordination and Reports for Oversight, Management & Analysis
Donald Wood, Director of Office of Financial Reporting and Analysis
Monika Moore, AFR Editor
Stefanie Harris, Senior Advisor

Carl Biggs, Lance Binford, Bradley Biondi, Marcus Bowman, Nadine Bradley, Alexis Brown, Jorelys Burgos, Zachary Coho, John Coyle, Amanda Dombrowski, Justin Endy, Cindy Fleming, Kyle Grindstaff, Amanda Heredia, Matthew H. Johnson, Gregory Jones, Dong Kim, Ashley Knode, Yen Le, St. John Leck, Trevor McNamara, Janet Morgan, Kanetha Peters, Jenn Ross, Meredith Shears, Minura Silva, Melissa Sizemore, William Truman, and Alexander Williams.

Global Financial Services personnel in Charleston, Bangkok, Paris, Manila, Sofia, and Washington, D.C.

Finally, thanks to all of the Department’s financial and management personnel at home and around the world providing accountability and effective stewardship over Department resources.


Iryna Bilous, Christine Jacobs, and Andrew Mosley.

We would also like to acknowledge the Office of Inspector General for their objective review of the Department’s performance and Kearney & Company for the professional manner in which they conducted the audit of the 2021 financial statements.

We would also like to acknowledge Jessica Kerns of Guidehouse for her contribution to our report.

We offer special thanks to our designers of Schatz Publishing Group, LLC.


The Agency Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2021 is published by the

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services
Office of Financial Policy, Reporting and Analysis

An electronic version is available on the World Wide Web at

Please call (202) 261-8620 with comments, suggestions, or requests.

U.S. Department of State Publication
Bureau of Global Public Affairs
November 2021


The Federal financial community lost one of its most devoted champions in 2021 – Harold ‘Hal’ Steinberg. Hal made substantial contributions to the accounting profession during his time at OMB, FASAB, and AGA. He spent his long career working tirelessly to improve the quality of government performance and management. He was an expert in state, local, and Federal accounting, who happily shared his knowledge and talents with a wide audience. Under any accounting, he would be on the ‘Mt. Rushmore’ of Federal financial management. The Department would like to acknowledge the tremendous benefits received from Hal’s personal feedback on our AFR through the Certificate in Excellence and Accountability Reporting program that Hal pioneered and sustained for many years late in his superlative career.


Note: The Bureau of Global Public Affairs, Office of Global Web Platforms assisted the Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services with the production of the FY 2021 Agency Financial Report.

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