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FSI training status update:  FSI will be in contact with students enrolled in upcoming training to provide specific details. Please visit this link to view courses that are being offered virtually.


The Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience (CEFAR) provides resilience training, education, and support for U.S. Government foreign affairs agencies. Resilience is the ability to adapt and manage change effectively, be creative in the midst of change, and foster individual, family, community, and workplace team resilience in healthy productive ways.

CEFAR aspires to create a foreign affairs culture where resilience is modeled by senior leaders, mid-level managers, and all members of the workforce, regardless of hiring mechanism. Diplomacy in the 21st century demands effective, creative, and innovative foreign policy solutions. America needs an engaged, flexible, and durable work force to safeguard our national interests. Resilience, the ability to adapt in the face of adversity, is the key. Within the next ten years, a supportive inspired and nimble work force will formulate and implement more creative and effective diplomatic solutions. 

Through resilience training, the foreign affairs community can learn more about building personal residence, resilience leadership, pre-deployment preparation for high stress assignments, and encouraging resilience in their children.

Resilience Webinar Series for Singles: February 3 – 25

CEFAR focuses on singles in the upcoming Living Single in the Foreign Affairs Community four-week webinar series. Resilience experts and key Department of State stakeholders will introduce resilient mindsets for singles, explore foreign affairs realities and lessons learned, share Department resources for singles, and explore opportunities for the Department to engage with single employees. The series is not tailored solely for the traditionally single employees. Single parents and those who are geographically single are also welcome. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to attend so they too can understand the unique challenges singles in the foreign affairs community face and learn ways to make cultural change from their positions of leadership.

For more information, email CEFAR.

Building a Resilience Mindset for Singles
February 3, 2021 4-5pm ET and February 4, 2021 9-10am ET

Singles Break It Down: A Panel of Singles for Singles
February 10, 2021 4-5pm ET and February 11, 2021 9-10am ET

Department Resources for Singles
February 17, 2021 4-5pm ET and February 18, 2021 9-10am ET

Brainstorming to Better Support Singles
February 24, 2021 4-5pm ET and February 25, 2021 9-10am ET

Resilience Boosting Webinars (Series I and II)

View recorded webinars on the FSI Internet website.

Nineteen webinars covered topics in resilience concepts, strategies, and tools to help manage stress and uncertainty, brain fitness, family and personal resilience, resilience through transition, resilience leaderships, resilience for couples, fostering resilience in children, available resources, and featured experts from the many Department of State offices that support workforce resilience.


  • Encouraging Resilience in your Foreign Affairs Child (MQ500) – Email
  • Building Your Resilience in the Foreign Service (MQ502) – Email
  • Resilience Leadership (MQ503) – Email
  • Resilience Preparation for High Stress Assignments (MQ940) – Email
  • High Stress Assignment Outbrief (MQ950) – Course Details
  • Video recordings of Resilience Boosting Webinars
  • Check for other upcoming webinars

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