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Regional Education Associations

The American-sponsored overseas schools play a significant role in the international endeavors of the United States. They not only serve the educational needs of U.S. children overseas, but also enroll children from host and third countries. One of the most serious difficulties overseas schools face is their isolation from current trends in education in the United States. To help overcome the obstacles caused by distance from the United States, the Office of Overseas Schools has long encouraged and supported the development of regional associations to provide American-sponsored overseas schools with a variety of educational services. 

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American Accreditation Agencies

Department of State assisted schools must be accredited by one of the following K-12 United States-based accreditation agencies:

Teaching in Overseas Schools

The Office of Overseas Schools is always glad for qualified American education professionals interested in working in international schools. While OS supports American-style education through an annual grants program with a limited number of assisted schools across the globe, the Department of State does not own or operate any of these schools. Therefore, OS provides guidance and best practices but is not involved in the day-to-day policies or decisions at these independent institutions.

Please review our resources on working in overseas schools for more details.

Summer Programs for Assisted Schools

The Office of Overseas Schools invites assisted schools to consider joining our professional development programs each summer. Programs focused on leadership, curriculum development, school counselors, and understanding the assisted school grants process are available.

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For Teachers and Administrators

  • For Teachers and Counselors – General Information, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Professional Organizations.
  • Education Associations – International Schools Associations, Regional Accrediting Associations, and Professional Associations.

For Parents

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