Requests for Airport Escort Screening Courtesies

The following foreign missions are authorized to submit requests for the extension of services under the Airport Escort Screening Courtesies Program:

  • Embassies
  • Missions to the Organization of American States
  • Organization of American States (Secretariat)
  • Missions to the United Nations
  • United Nations (Secretariat)

Requests are not accepted from consular posts or international organizations not listed above.

To request services, the foreign missions described above are required to submit a completed Form DS-4138, Request for Escort Screening Courtesies, to the Office of the Chief of Protocol.

For detailed instructions on completing Form DS-4138, click on the link to the left.

You should download Form DS-4138 and save it on your mission’s computer, as it is not possible to send it from the website.

Once completed, please print, scan, and send the form as an attachment to

In order to make the necessary logistical arrangements, the Office of the Chief of Protocol must receive a completed Form DS-4138 at least three business days (i.e., Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays and weekends) before the anticipated date of the first departure from an airport in the United States.

To expedite the review of a request, missions should:

  1. List the surname or family name in capital letters and match the spelling of the name on the individual’s visa;
  2. Name a Point-of-Contact (POC) who is available at all times prior to the dignitary’s departure and provide accurate contact information.
  3. Complete and submit a separate request for each person for whom screening courtesies are sought, even if the itinerary is the same as the principle traveler.
  4. List the names of additional persons who may accompany the dignitary but are not entitled to screening courtesies themselves.

Revised [01/05/2016]