Core Values

FY 2004-2009 Department of State and USAID Strategic Plan

In the business of diplomacy and development, people are critical. Indeed, the success of the Department of State and USAID is directly tied to the creativity, knowledge, skills, and integrity of our dedicated employees. Their attitudes and actions determine whether or not they will move the world in the direction of greater security, democracy, and prosperity. While mindful of the lessons of history, we must never fear to innovate and challenge current thinking to achieve our country's ambitious goals.

This Strategic Plan articulates the core values of the Department of State and USAID. These values represent the high standards our employees - whether Foreign Service, Civil Service, Foreign Service National, career, or appointed - must uphold. We recognize and respect the fact that our Foreign Service National employees remain loyal to their countries even as they work to uphold the other core values. These key employees work with their American colleagues to perform vital services for U.S. citizens and to ensure the effective operation of our diplomatic posts and USAID Missions.

These values will be posted in every Embassy, Mission, and office of the Department of State and USAID. Over the life of this Strategic Plan, we will work to integrate them into how we hire, train, evaluate, and reward our employees, and into how we conduct ourselves every day on the frontlines of diplomacy and development. Even as the Department's and USAID's specific goals and priorities may change to keep pace with the dynamic international environment, our core values will remain constant.

Core Values

  • Loyalty: Commitment to the United States and the American people.
  • Character: Maintenance of the highest ethical standards and integrity.
  • Service: Excellence in the formulation of policy and program management with room for creative dissent. Implementation of policy and management practices, regardless of personal views.
  • Accountability: Responsibility for meeting the highest performance standards.
  • Community: Dedication to teamwork, professionalism, diversity, and the customer perspective.