Directory of Key Officials and Senior Management and Organization Chart

FY 2004 Performance and Accountability Highlights
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2004


Colin L. Powell - Secretary of State

Richard L. Armitage - Deputy Secretary of State

John C. Danforth - United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Arms Control and International Security Affairs

John R. Bolton - Under Secretary

  • Bureau of Arms Control -
    Stephen G. Rademaker
  • Bureau of Political-Military Affairs -
    Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr.
  • Bureau of Nonproliferation -
    Susan F. Burk, Acting
  • Bureau of Verification and Compliance -
    Paula A. DeSutter

Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs

Alan P. Larson - Under Secretary

  • Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs -
    E. Anthony Wayne

Global Affairs

Paula J. Dobriansky - Under Secretary

  • Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor -
    Michael G. Kozak, Acting
  • Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement -
    Robert B. Charles
  • Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs -
    John F. Turner
  • Bureau of Population, Refugees and
    Migration -
    Arthur E. Dewey


Grant S. Green - Under Secretary

  • Director General of Foreign Service and Director of Personnel -
    W. Robert Pearson
  • Bureau of Administration -
    William A. Eato
  • Bureau of Consular Affairs -
    Maura Harty
  • Bureau of Diplomatic Security -
    Francis X. Taylor
  • Overseas Buildings Operations -
    Charles E. Williams
  • Bureau of Information Resource Management, Chief Information Officer -
    Bruce Morrison
  • Foreign Service Institute -
    Katherine H. Peterson

Political Affairs

 Marc Grossman - Under Secretary

  • Bureau of African Affairs -
    Constance B. Newman
  • Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs -
    James A. Kelly
  • Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs -
    A. Elizabeth Jones
  • Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs -
    William J. Burns
  • Bureau of South Asian Affairs -
    Christina B. Rocca
  • Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs -
    Roger F. Noriega
  • Bureau of International Organizational Affairs -
    Kim R. Holmes

Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

Patricia S. Harrison - Acting Under Secretary

  • Bureau of Public Affairs -
    Richard A. Boucher
  • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs -
    Patricia De Stacy Harrison
  • Bureau of International Information Programs -
    Alexander C. Feldman

Other Senior Officials

  • Chief of Staff -
    Larry Wilkerson
  • Executive Secretariat -
    Karl W. Hofmann
  • Office of Policy Planning -
    Mitchell B. Reiss
  • Chief Financial Officer -
    Christopher B. Burnham
  • Legal Adviser -
    William H. Taft, IV
  • Inspector General -
    Cameron R. Hume, Acting
  • Office of Civil Rights -
    Barbara S. Pope
  • Bureau of Legislative Affairs -
    Paul V. Kelly
  • Bureau of Intelligence and Research -
    Thomas Fingar
  • Office of Protocol -
    Donald B. Ensenat
  • Coordinator for Counterterrorism -
    J. Cofer Black
  • Office of War Crimes Issues -
    Pierre R. Prosper
  • Counselor -


United States Department of State Organizational Chart
Organization Chart for the Department of StateD
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