Management's Discussion and Analysis

FY 2006 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2006


This section provides: a summary of FY 2006 performance results for Department of State and USAID performance measures; a brief analysis of the Department's financial performance, systems, controls, and legal compliance; and information on the Department's progress in implementing the President's Management Agenda. The MD&A also addresses the management challenges identified by the Inspector General. The MD&A is supported by detailed information contained in the joint Performance Section, Financial Section, and Appendices.

Mission and Organization

Directory of Key Officials and Senior Management

Map of Department of State Locations

Performance Summary and Highlights

Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Status

The President's Management Agenda

Internal Controls, Financial Management Systems and Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Financial Statements and Results

Message from the Inspector General

Management Performance and Challenges

Office of Inspector General FY 2006 Performance Results and Accomplishments

Milestones of American Diplomacy


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