Office of Inspector General FY 2006 Performance Results and Accomplishments

FY 2006 Performance and Accountability Report
Bureau of Resource Management
November 2006


FY 2006 was a year of both accomplishment and challenge for the Office of Inspector General. The following pages summarize OIG results in addressing its FY 2006 performance goals, as well as key accomplishments.

OIG Strategic and Performance Goals and FY 2006 Results
Strategic Goal (SG)
Performance Goal (PG)
Measure FY 2006 Target FY 2006 Actual % Above or Below Target
SG1: The Department and the BBG effectively, efficiently, and economically, advance the foreign policy interests of the United States
PG1: Improve the operations of overseas missions, domestic bureaus, and international broadcasting activities Missions and bureaus inspected 31 32 3%
Reports issued on systemic/ regional/policy issues and programs 12 10 -17%
Recs. resolved within 6 months 80% 65% -19%
Significant recs. resolved within 6 months 80% 47% -41%
SG2: The Department and the BBG adequately protect the people, information, and facilities under their control in the United States and abroad
PG1: Assess security for personnel, facilities and information Reports issued on security programs 14 21 50%
Recs. resolved within 6 months 80% 68% -15%
Significant recs. resolved within 6 months 80% 71% -11%
SG3: The Department and the BBG have the necessary systems and controls to meet legal and operational requirements
PG1: Identify vulnerabilities in financial and administrative support programs Reports issued on programs reviewed 24 33 38%
Recs. resolved within 9 months 80% 70% -13%
Significant recs. resolved within 9 months 85% 80% -6%
PG2: Evaluate progress in addressing priority issues Major management challenges addressed in OIG reports 80% 100% 25%
SG4: The Department and the BBG ensure accountability and eliminate fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in programs and operations
PG1: Identify potential monetary and nonmonetary benefits and improve the efficiency of operations and compliance with applicable contracts and grants Return on Investment for audits $1.20 $2.06 72%
Value of cost savings, efficiencies, recoveries, and fines $8.5
PG2: Promote professional and ethical conduct and accountability; and investigate fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement Activities focused on key vulnerabilities 28 37 32%
INV reports issued within 6 months 70% 86% 23%
Investigations focused on management challenges 65% 100% 54%
Percent of complaints—not investigated by OIG—referred within 21 days 85% 69% -19%
Management and Organizational Excellence
Ensure employees have professional skills and expertise necessary to fulfill OIG mission and goals Percent of staff completing required leadership training 80% 84% 5%
Continuously improve OIG products and processes for maximum impact in meeting customer needs Average days to issue inspection reports and program reviews 180 171 5%
Average days to issue audit reports 215 234 -9%


Overall, OIG achieved 55 percent of its FY 2006 performance targets. Results on return on investment for audits and cost efficiencies exceeded targets by nearly 72 percent and 270 percent respectively. Other targets fell short by as much as 41 percent. The performance shortfalls experienced in FY 2006 were primarily the result of funding and staffing shortages that reduced OIG's ability to travel and to staff positions responsible for addressing compliance with OIG recommendations. An expected increase in FY 2007 funding, along with aggressive new recruitment and retention efforts, should enable OIG to better meet its future targets and to achieve those not met in FY 2006.


Key Results and Accomplishments of OIG Work

During FY 2006, OIG findings and recommendations prompted actions taken by the Department and BBG that produced significant results. These results included improvements in verification procedures and quality controls to ensure that only American citizens received U.S. passports; in the protection of classified information and materials; and in the integrity, accuracy, and reliability of financial management and other information systems. OIG audit and investigative activities also improved accountability for Department employees, contractors, and grantees; identified potential cost benefits; and reduced fraud and other violations of law and regulation. Highlights of some of our most important results are shown below by strategic goal.

Accomplishments and Expected Future Results in Response to OIG Reports and Investigations
SG1: Foreign Policy
  • Establishment of an over-arching strategic plan for Embassy Baghdad's rule-of-law programs
  • Strengthened Iraqi anticorruption programs
  • Increased management oversight of the $260-million Afghanistan counternarcotics program
  • Department actions to address OIG-identified border security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by terrorists
  • Improvements to international broadcasting efforts in the Global War on Terror and greater coordination on public diplomacy matters
SG2: Security
  • Improvements in the emergency preparedness at BBG's domestic facilities
  • Improvements to perimeter security for vehicle access points at overseas missions
  • The expedited assignment of a full-time security officer to a critical-threat post
  • Improvements in the Department's patch management program to lessen security vulnerabilities
  • Elimination of a backlog of over 200 requests from embassies for Dedicated Internet Network waivers
SG3: Financial Management and Administrative Support
  • Strengthened controls at the Global Financial Services Center in Charleston
  • Improvements in Department controls over the tracking and reporting of aircraft and parts inventories
  • Development of an airline travel self-assessment tool for bureaus to determine compliance with air travel policies
  • Improvements in quality assurance and identification of potential cost savings by outsourcing specific medical functions
SG4: Accountability
  • Identification of questioned costs, recoveries, or funds put to better use totaling $31.3 million
  • Development of a fraud-prevention "tool kit" for consular operations
  • Termination of an unnecessary warehouse lease by the Department
  • Transfer of other administrative activities to the regional center in Singapore
  • Action taken by BBG to begin centralizing its management of overseas transmitting stations


Resources Supporting OIG Strategic Goals

OIG strategic goals were supported by an FY 2006 budget of $29.65 million. Budget constraints and recruitment problems limited OIG's on-board staffing to 182 employees as of the end of FY 2006. Allocations of resources to OIG's strategic goals are summarized below.

Budget by Strategic Goal
  Dollars Percentage
SG1: $9.1 Million 31%
SG2: $5.7 Million 19%
SG3: $7.9 Million 27%
SG4: $6.9 Million 23%
Staffing by Strategic Goal
  Staff Percentage
SG1: 47 26%
SG2: 35 19%
SG3: 52 29%
SG4: 48 26%


An expanded version of OIG's FY 2006 Program Performance Report can be found online at


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