Performance Summary and Highlights

Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services
December 16, 2013

The Department of State plays a unique role as the agency delegated by the President for the conduct of America's foreign affairs, just as the Department of the Treasury leads on economic issues and the Department of Defense guides on defense issues. Because of the increased interconnection between agencies, agencies that lead in some program areas support in others. Although many Federal agencies have international mandates, it is critical that they coordinate with the Department of State to ensure that our relationships are managed effectively and our national objectives achieved efficiently. As the President's introduction to the National Security Strategy makes clear, the ultimate goal is to "build and integrate the capabilities that can advance our interests."

In an era of tight budgets and constrained resources, investing in civilian power makes sense. In fact, we see investments in civilian power - with its dedication to prevention and avoiding costlier efforts in the future - as a cost-effective necessity in times of fiscal restraint.

In FY 2013, the Department of State continued to increase analytical rigor in strategic planning and performance management by focusing on agency-level, outcome-oriented performance measures that support the strategic goals and agency priority goals. The following Performance Summary and Highlights section introduces some key achievements and summarizes the results for selected key performance goals. For the Department's key performance results, the narrative describes each key indicator and its connection to the Joint Strategic Goal Framework, the FY 2013 performance results (plus available data from prior years to show the performance trend), the data source and validation steps, as well as progress achievements. Joint State-USAID performance and budget information will be featured in the Joint Summary of Performance and Financial Information, scheduled for release in February 2014.

Selected Key Achievements and Performance Results

Following is a summary of key achievements for Strategic Goals one, four, and six. Additionally, highlighted are performance results for APGs displaying illustrative performance trend data for Strategic Goals two, three, five, and seven. The APGs are listed under the applicable Joint State-USAID Strategic Goal. Performance results on the remaining APGs and the Cross-Agency Priority Goals can be found on