Summary of State and USAID Performance

Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services
March 31, 2014

Pie chart summarizing the overall performance ratings for Fiscal Year 2013. Values are as follows:

Total Results: 120 indicators.
Above Target: 50 indicators.
On Target: 22 indicators.
Below Target: 26 indicators.
Improved: 11 indicators.
Unavailable: 11 indicators.In FY 2013, the Department and USAID continued to increase their analytical rigor in strategic planning and performance management. To communicate the progress achieved towards U.S. foreign policy goals in FY 2013, 120 representative performance indicators were published in the FY 2013 Annual Performance Reports (APR) for both the Department and USAID within the Appendices of the FY 2015 Congressional Budget Justification (CBJ). In Appendix 1 of the FY 2015 CBJ, 68 performance indicators are featured and in Appendix 2 of the FY 2015 CBJ, 52 performance indicators are detailed. Of the 120 indicators, 50 are above target, 22 on target, 26 below target, 11 improved and 11 unavailable. Improved but target not met represent indicators that are below target but the results have improved from the previous fiscal year. FY 2013 results for each indicator were reviewed against previously established performance targets to determine performance ratings. These indicators are summarized in the pie charts throughout each Strategic Goal (SG) section and follow the Rating Legend. For more detailed information, see the FY 2013 APR and/or visit

Concurrent with the submission of the FY 2014-FY 2017 Joint Strategic Plan (JSP) in March 2014, the Department of State and USAID will submit their joint FY 2015 Annual Performance Plan (APP) to be published on The APP will consist of a series of performance plans that are organized around each strategic objective from the new JSP. It will outline performance goals, associated indicators, and accountable organizations responsible for accomplishing each performance goal. The performance indicators featured in this report were originally presented in the FY 2014 APP and are in the FY 2013 APR for the Department and USAID.

Rating Legend: 

Blue: Above Target.
Green: On Target.
Red: Below Target.
Yellow: Improved.
Black: Unavailable.


Selected Achievements and Performance Results

The following achievements and eight performance results are presented in the context of the 2010-2013 Joint Strategic Goal Framework. Provided are a limited number of performance measures and data, a description of how the measure relates to the goal, and an assessment of agency performance for the measure.