Balance Sheet Summary

Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services
March 31, 2014

The following Condensed Balance Sheets present the assets, liabilities and net position of each agency.

As of September 30, 2013
($ in millions)
  State USAID
Fund Balance with Treasury $47,557 $30,810
Investments, Net 17,408
Property, Plant, and Equipment 17,559 101
Accounts, Loans, and Interest Receivable, Net 668 2,614
Advances, Prepayments, Other Assets 1,575 862
Total Assets $84,767 $34,387
After-Employment Benefit Liability $20,566 $—
Liability for Capital Transfers to the General Fund of the Treasury 2,872
Accounts Payable 2,370 1,613
Loan Guaranty Liability 1,847
International Organizations Liabilities 1,909
All Other Liabilities 1,550 1,292
Total Liabilities 26,395 7,624
Net Position:
Unexpended Appropriations 38,212 22,746
Cumulative Results of Operations 20,160 4,017
Total Net Position 58,372 26,763
Total Liabilities and Net Position $84,767 $34,387

Department of State: Total Assets increased $5.2 billion or seven percent over FY 2012 levels. Fund Balance with Treasury was up $3.3 billion due to an increase in unexpended appropriations. Property and Equipment increased $1.5 billion due to continued emphasis on the construction of new embassies and necessary security upgrades at existing embassies. Investment balances in U.S. government securities for the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund increased by $480 million during the year. Total Liabilities increased $968 million in 2013, or four percent, compared to 2012. The After-Employment Benefit Liability (78 percent of total liabilities) increased by $673 million, primarily due to an increase in participation in the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund and from changes in the benefit plan and actuarial assumptions. This liability includes amounts owed for projected after-employment benefits for Foreign Service and Foreign Service National employees and retirees. Accounts Payable decreased by $423 million and the International Organizations Liability increased $484 million.

USAID: USAID reported a five percent increase to total assets in FY 2013 over the previous fiscal year. The most significant asset was Fund Balance with Treasury (unspent appropriations), which represented 90 percent of total assets. The largest contributor to the total liabilities line item at 38 percent, was Debt and Liabilities for Capital Transfers to the General Fund of the Treasury. These liabilities represent funds borrowed from Treasury to carry out the Agency's Federal Credit Reform program activities. Total liabilities for FY 2013 decreased by 9 percent from the previous fiscal year, due largely to paying down funds borrowed from Treasury.