Education Programs

S/GWI programs aimed at increasing women’s and girls’ access to education (organized by region)



East Asia and Pacific

Life Skills Training and Employment Readiness, Vanuatu (Small Grants Initiative)
This project focuses on young women's economic empowerment through the development of young rural women's business development program and promotion of employee's rights and responsibilities. Targeting youth in Vanuatu between the ages of 16 and 35, the project to increase their access to quality employment, business training, counseling and services.

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality for Women in Rural Areas, Vietnam (Small Grants Initiative)
The main objective of this project to empower rural women in Hau Giang Province and to increase their knowledge about their rights through community education, specifically through a series of “train the trainer” workshops in fifteen project communes. Quarterly discussions with lawyers, psychologists, and sociologists to discuss women’s rights as well as the establishment of a women’s “club” in each commune build community support networks for participants in rural areas with historically limited social services. In addition, the project educates women about their legal rights, as well as the recourses available to them. By the conclusion of the grant in September 2011, over four hundred women will have participated in the project.


Raising Young Women, Turkey (Small Grants Initiative)
This project targets 2,550 young women between the ages of 15 and 30 in the Diyarbakir and Istanbul provinces of Turkey who have never received formal instruction or are primary school drop outs. It provides functional literacy and numeracy training, raises awareness of women’s health and rights, encourages completion of primary school qualifications, provides guidance on careers, and encourages their participation in social activities via peer networks and working with volunteer instructors.

Synergy to Empower Girls Against Violence, Turkey (Small Grants Initiative)
This project adopts a GBV prevention perspective with a focus on primary prevention, aiming at changing attitudes, challenging stereotypes, and empowering women so they can overcome their subordinate position in society. Using the existing structure of the formal education system, after-school life-skills development programs are created to empower adolescent girls living in secondary school dormitories. Through this outlet, the program addresses both the lack of a GBV prevention perspective at schools and the lack of a programmatic approach towards secondary school dormitories which is a crucial determinant of the resident children’s well-being. In addition, the project implements gender-sensitivity seminars for 180 secondary school teachers and school administrators.

Photo Exhibition: “Children as Children”, Ukraine (Small Grants Initiative)
This photo exhibition is dedicated to combating discrimination towards children with disabilities and promoting their full inclusion in Ukrainian society. Women working with disabled children were trained and subsequently developed a public relations campaign that would travel Ukraine. Children both with and without disabilities are highlighted in the photographs, sending the message that children are children regardless of their disabilities. In addition, six rules of behavior developed in the framework of the photo exhibition encourage acceptance of the disabled population - particularly children - among Ukrainians.

Programs to Improve Leadership Capacity in Developing Countries, Ukraine (Small Grants Initiative)
This project intends to improve the earning power of women in the Pryazovskiy region of Ukraine through entrepreneurial training and development. It develops career initiative among young girls and promotes the value of entrepreneurship and owning businesses through career planning and training courses. Programs support women’s artisan groups through education in product design, marketing, and related needs that allow them to be more competitive at the markets.

Western Hemisphere

Girls Only School, Paraguay (Small Grants Initiative)
The project will provide an opportunity for sustainable social and economic development to communities living in the Mbaracayu Biosphere Reserve by providing quality agro-forestry education and training to low-income girls from, enabling them to become “rural entrepreneurs. Schooling includes specific subjects geared toward students' incorporation in small-scale, on-campus agro-forestry enterprises, based on production lines / goods and services such as: dairy products, tree nurseries, semi-extensive agricultural production (sesame and stevia), market gardens, beekeeping, ecotourism, and others. Female students will be involved in all aspects of business plan implementation and will have, from the beginning, leadership positions in campus enterprises. Accordingly, the school will provide a platform for girls to develop the skills required for future economic success, while generating income to cover school operating costs, thereby ensuring its long-term financial sustainability.